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Thanks from the Lone Star State

Carolyn sent us a lovely email thanking us for the outstanding service she received from our Lincoln center. Carolyn, thank you for your email and we are pleased that you had such a great experience and we are happy to hear you are looking forward to our Christmas desktop special.

“Hi Thor,
I just wanted to again let you know how much I appreciate the great job you are doing in hiring and training your personnel.
I usually call into the Omaha office but a couple weeks ago the phone was not working for some reason or other. Next I tried the Pappillon office and had the same problem. So, I tried the Lincoln office. I was able to get through and spoke with Chris. My problem was that, for reasons unknown to me, my Secure Updater had suddenly disappeared from my programs in my desktop computer. It was nowhere to be found. Chris did a Schrockdesk and found that indeed it had disappeared and he proceeded to do all sorts of procedures to try to get it back. He worked for a long time because my computer was running really slowly. I’m talking REALLY slowly. Some of the procedures were to try to speed it up. Eventually I did get the Secure Updater back. I want to commend Chris for his patience in helping me and then in not charging me. You did not make much money then but then Good Will is not measured in money.
Next, a couple of days ago I turned on my computer and was using Microsoft Edge for my browser (I normally use Firefox) and all of a sudden there was a deafening noise and a message that said Edge had experienced a problem and not to turn off the browser and to call the number on the screen. I knew I wasn’t going to call THAT number. Instead, I picked up the phone and called your Lincoln office again. Chris was not there (his day off) but Craig was and at first he said to bring in the computer because it sounded like a virus. I’m running Endpoint and I explained to him that I live in Round Rock, Texas and could not easily bring in my computer. He said he would try something if I could use Firefox to get on the internet. Thankfully I was able to do that and he did a Schrockdesk. I don’t know what he did but he fixed it. I want to commend Craig for being so great and trying something that apparently worked. He also did not charge me so you did not make money on this either. Again, Good Will doesn’t have a price.
Last year I bought the Christmas special tablet from the lovely Amber and this year, I hope to be able to replace my desktop with your Christmas special desktop. I’m saving my money. :o)
Thanks again for the great job you do. I just wish you would open an office in Round Rock so I could actually bring in my computers when I have a problem or when I just wanted to get a tune-up. We need a company like yours here.
I’ll be listening to your show on Sunday morning on KFAB via iHeart radio. You always give great tips and information. I am also anxiously awaiting my Allen Band.
Best wishes for a great day.
Carolyn Lloyd”

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