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Schrock Innovations

16909 Burke St.
Suite 129
Omaha, NE – 68118

Award Winning Computer Repair Services in Omaha Nebraska

Schrock Innovations’ Omaha Computer Repair Service Center was established in 2006.  The Omaha Service Center is equipped with 40 bench spots and a full service data recovery lab that provides services to our other locations when needed.

Some of Omaha’s best computer repair technicians work in the Omaha Computer Repair Service Center.  In fact, we have been recognized as the Best of Omaha, The SBA Small Business of the Year, as well as the Omaha World Herald People’s Choice.

With same-day to next-day PC and Mac repairs and a convenient West-Omaha location, the Omaha Service Center is our fastest growing location.

16909 Burke St. Suite 129 Omaha, NE – 68118

what our clients say

Attaboy Robert and Nick!

Well done Omaha Service Center for an outstanding job.

Subject: Kudos

Thor, I had a tough week, but your Omaha store team really helped me out.

First, I had a good hunch that my TP-Link router was dying because it began to lose random internal settings. Robert gave me some good guidance and we both concluded it needed replacing. I ran out to your store and picked up a new one, and all was well.

Two days later my computer decided to not to boot. Unfortunately it was a 6 or 7 year old ASUS tower running Windows 7 that Nick determined had a bad power supply, HDD, and memory. The complicating factor was that I had some important software that was not compatible with Windows 8 or 10. Nick talked my through the possible options: get a new system (if a W7 restoration from my external backup would run on it), or, perform major surgery on my old beast. He worked really hard to help us both understand the options and I picked my repaired machine this afternoon. I really appreciate his efforts and those of your team that he consulted with; I got the most practical short term solution and it saved my neck given that it is tax time.

So, 4 trips to your store in five days with two resolved problems that exceeded my expectations.

Please give them a big attaboy from me. I really appreciate it!


Nice job Robert

Recently we received an email from Lynda about her experience with Schrock Innovations. Great job Robert for delivering award winning service once again.

(email below)

After spending the morning trying to close my Peachtree accounting for a prior year and opening the current year with no luck, I called Schrock Innovations and talked with Robert. He was patient and courteous and was able to make my Peachtree compatible with Windows 10 in no time. What a wonderful employee!

Thank you.


Great job Robert!

We received this nice email from Maureen about an experience she recently had with Schrock Innovations. Thanks Maureen for sharing.

I had to opportunity to work with Robert on the Schrock Desk today! He helped me with some problems I had with Drive Adviser.
He was so nice and SOOOO helpful. He talked me through some questions I was having about my computer. He mentioned that he was still learning the Schrock ways as he had only been there 4 days. Great hire. He will do well.
Thanks for the great support!

Maureen J