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Thank you for your interest in the Freedom Modular Computer Program from Schrock Innovations. Take a moment to learn about the Freedom program and determine if it is a good fit for you and your family. If you are interested, reserve your place in line using the form below.

The model for computer ownership has always been the same – you buy a piece of hardware, use it till it is obsolete or it breaks, then you buy another again and repeat. This model is ideal for computer manufacturers who want to move more units, but expensive for consumers who have to endure the costs of maintenance, warranties and migration to new systems. Schrock developed the Freedom modular Program to help our customers break this cycle, enjoy a predictable cost of ownership, and always have the security and benefits of current technology. With Freedom Modular, you select the computer that meets your needs and then you pay a refundable deposit plus a monthly fee for as long as you use the computer. Over time this results in a lower cost of ownership, a higher level of satisfaction and unlimited access to award-winning support whenever you need it.

What is the Freedom Modular Computer Program?

When you subscribe to Freedom Modular you receive the following:

  • A computer of your choice for a flat monthly fee
  • A hardware warranty that you do not pay extra for that lasts as long as you have the PC
  • A subscription to the Schrock Desk for unlimited help when you need it
  • The ability to trade in your PC for a new model after 36 months of use OR…
  • Turn in your PC at the end of the term for a deposit refund and exit the program

Note that the following items are not included.  We decided to leave these items at the discretion of the user because they involve personal preference:

  • Anti-Virus Software Subscription
  • Secure Updater Subscription
  • Regular Physical Maintenance
  • Schrock Safe Upgrade
  • Certain Accessories Like Printers or Surge Protectors that are consumed as they are used

What is Covered Under the Warranty?

  • Problems with the Windows Operating System
  • Hardware failure due to defect or wear
  • Batteries that drop below 80% capacity

What is NOT Covered Under the Warranty?

  • Virus Infections

Physical Damage (You must pay to have a physically broken computer repaired BEFORE you can turn it in for the refundable deposit)

What is included When You Subscribe to the Freedom Modular Computer Program?

To qualify for the Freedom Modular Program you must be an existing Schrock customer as of 3/31/22. 

You begin the process by selecting the base model computer you want to use and then configure it further for your personal preferences.  You then pay a 20% deposit that is refundable to you when the computer is returned at the end of the 26-month term in good physical condition.  Wear and tear is expected, but broken screens, hinges, or missing keys are not.

You then pay monthly payments to use the computer.  These payments are equal to 4% of the retail purchase price of the computer and any upgrades you selected.  The first month’s payment is required when you sign up and each subsequent payment is automatically processed on the 1st of the month to your preferred credit or debit card.  We are unable to extend this program without an automatic payment option to a debit or credit card.

When you reach the 26-month term you can choose to keep using the computer and paying the monthly cost, return the computer and replace it with a new computer under a new agreement, or return the computer and exit the Freedom Modular Program.

How Does the Freedom Program Work?

The Freedom Modular Program is an exciting new way for you to save money on owning and maintaining a computer from Schrock.  There are a few risks that we need to mitigate on our end to ensure we can deliver the program to you while keeping the cost reasonable. 

We are limiting the program to existing Schrock customers in the beginning as well as limiting the number of available slots in the Freedom Modular Program so we are not overwhelmed by orders in the initial months.

When the program is officially launched in the coming weeks we will contact interested customers in the order they sign up using the form below.  When you sign up you are not obligated to purchase anything.  You are just reserving your place in line should you decide to move forward.

When it is your turn to proceed you will be contacted with instructions on how to place your order should you decide to move forward.

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