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Schrock Innovations has the equipment, training, and expertise to recover your data.

Data Recovery

Schrock Innovations knows the real pain of a computer failure lies in the the loss of your pictures, videos, documents, and records. That is why we stay up-to-date with the latest in data recovery and provide Free Evaluation.

When your computer, cell phone, tablet or digital device is failing, the engineers at Schrock Innovations have the equipment, training, and expertise to recover your data.

Let us examine your drive and give you a free quote. And you will only pay if we successfully recover your data.
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You only Pay For A Successful Recovery

You only Pay For A Successful Recovery

If you have a failed hard drive, camera card, USB flash drive, external hard drive, or other device, drop it off at any Schrock Innovations location for a free evaluation.

Remember that you only pay for a successful recovery, so if we can not recover your data you do not pay.

Schrock Innovations has a 96.8% data recovery success rate, Nebraska’s only fully-equipped facility, and the talented local engineers you can trust to get your data back fast.

Contact us if you have questions or would like to ship your drive into our Service Center today!

Local Data Recovery Engineers Who Understand Your Situation

Data recovery can be as simple as finding an accidentally deleted file or as complicated as repairing a failed device.

Schrock’s local technicians know that every data recovery situation is different. When you need your data fast, Schrock can deliver results as soon as the same day in many cases.

If recovery cost is your primary concern, we can provide the most cost-effective recovery options and even finance your data recovery in monthly installments.

Our data recovery engineers are located in our Omaha, NE Service Center, so if you need an update on your recovery, need something explained in more detail, or need help getting your recovered data working on your new device, you can access the same people who performed your recovery any time.

We are here to help you.

Modern Data Recovery Lab

Many computer repair shops claim to offer data recovery services, however, few actually have actual data recovery equipment on-premise.

Schrock Innovations has invested in:

  • DDI4 Hard Disk Imagers
  • DDI4 Flash Media Imagers
  • DDI4 USB Media Imagers
  • UDMI PC3000 Firmware Editing Systems
  • Certified Clean Environments
  • Assorted Platter and Head Tools and Adapters
  • A Library of Over 10,000 Donor Hard Drives and Components

This equipment represents a huge financial investment in Schrock’s capabilities and helps us ensure the smooth and efficient recovery of your data from a failed device.

Additionally, our engineers have years of experience recovering data from devices.

We know the simple fixes that save our customers money every day and we know how to do complex repairs when they are necessary.

The data recovery industry is a very tight-lipped community and having a technician you trust on your side can save you hundreds of dollars at the end of successful data recovery.


How the Process Works

Schrock Innovations has a streamlined workflow that ensures our customers only pay for recoveries that are successful, and payments are only made when your data is about to be extracted from a repaired device.

Here is what you can expect when you drop a drive off at Schrock:

  • A Free Evaluation.When you drop your device off one of our data recovery engineers will examine your device to determine the probable cause of its failure.

    We will create a price range estimate that can vary depending on the specific type of failure and the work required to get the data back.

  • An engineer will contact you to explain the cause of your device's failure and quote you the recovery price range. If you decide to move forward with the recovery the technician will work further with the drive to confirm the suspected failure and provide a specific recovery quote that falls within the provided price range.

    All data recoveries start at $400 and go up from there depending on the failure.

  • Once your drive is repaired and our engineers believe data extraction is possible, we will contact you for a credit or debit card for payment of your recovery.An authorization will be placed on your card for the recovery amount and the recovery process will begin.
  • Data will be extracted from your repaired device and stored on a stable device. Even though your failed device has been temporarily repaired, it should never be trusted to store data again.

    Once all data is extracted and post-processed it will be transferred to the destination of your choice and made ready for pickup

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