Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The longer you wait to begin, the more it will cost you to overtake - or stay ahead - of your competition.

Schrock Interactive Search Engine Optimization can get your website the traffic it needs to generate interest, sales, pins, posts, and likes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on growing organic website traffic. According to Moz, SEO is targeting quality leads at 20 times the rate of paid advertising. With a proper SEO strategy, you can climb to the top of search engine results without spending money on ads. Organic SEO guides high quality traffic to your site leading to quality leads who become customers.

With our help, your consumers will always see you first. Our SEO strategy focuses on putting you in front of your customers every time they search for something in your industry. You need to be on top for those niche searches your competitors ignore. You need to turn surfers into visitors, and visitors into customers. That is more than SEO. That is online marketing and that’s what Schrock Interactive is good at.

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SEO is an important component of integrated marketing. In order to attract quality leads, you need consumers to see you as a viable option.

There are several things that Google and other search engines look for in a website to even deem it worthy of inclusion in search results at all. Let’s start with the basics.  If you don’t do these basics, you could spend thousands on SEO services and go nowhere:

  • If you have a login field or accept credit card information you need to be on a secure socket layer (SSL) right now.  That means you Mr. WordPress website.
  • Your website should automatically rearrange its content to look good on whatever size of screen your visitor has.  This is called a responsive design.  If you don’t have one Google may not include you in mobile results at all (now over 50% of all searches).
  • Do you have content that you would read, watch, or listen to if you were a visitor?  Google is pretty good at figuring out if people like your content or not.  If your visitors don’t like your content, don’t expect any amount of search engine optimization to help.  Content is still the king.

We are ready to become your go-to online marketing resource.  We have the talent, resources, knowledge, and passion to rock your website.  Are we going to do this? Contact Us.

4 Easy Steps

Online marketing is deceptively simple.  You can have a rock-star website in 4 easy steps:

  1. Create an attractive, secure and responsive website
  2. Fill it with engaging content that people want
  3. Get visitors
  4. Convert visitors to customers

Of course each of these steps has a unique set of options, opportunities and pitfalls. Google and the other lesser search engines keep life interesting by constantly moving the goalposts through changes in algorithms, standards, and seemingly arbitrary preferences.

That means all of the SEO articles you just read from last year are completely obsolete and implementing them might actually hurt your website. Joy!



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is what you really need to make your website a valuable and productive tool for your business.

SEM begins with the core design and layout of your website, includes content, SEO efforts, traffic monitoring, defined conversion actions, conversion tracking, and real-world monetary results. Every piece of this process is measurable. Accurate tracking separates the men from the boys in the business and in the SEM worlds.

To use an example, let’s pretend you sell paint. Here is how the entire marketing process would work at Schrock Interactive:

  • BUILD IT RIGHT. Your website should look attractive, be on a secure socket layer, be responsive to your visitor’s device, and have all kinds of information about paint, painting, and all of the DIY information an ameteur painter would need. Congratulations, your website (and your business) are now considered thought-leaders!
  • LEARN THE TERRAIN. A Schrock Interactive SEM expert would determine what people who want to buy paint search for when they are looking for a business that sells paint. These are your target search terms and you need one page on your website for every single one of them.
  • GET THINGS MOVING. Then a Schrock Interactive SEO expert will begin tweaking your pages to maximize Google’s ability to understand the valuable content on them and make sure it is easily accessible to real people. Tracking algorithms will be created to monitor how your website pages perform for each of the selected key search terms. Results are recorded and monitored. All results are reviewed during an in-person monthly meeting with your Schrock online marketing account manager.
  • BUILD MOMENTUM. Next we begin establishing your business as a thought-leader outside the walls of your own website. We find blogs and websites that are established authorities in the interior design and painting industries and add real-world value to them by posting helpful and instructive comments, guest blogging on their websites, and using social media to attract followers, build top-of-mind awareness and establish a real-world voice and attitude for your company.
    As we do this work, your website’s pages will climb in the search results. You will quickly pass your lesser-developed competitors. We monitor your website’s progress using a proxy service because any searches you do locally or from a device you own will be biassed.
    Google is smart. It knows your droid, your laptop, and your mom’s PC. Google shows you what you want to see. If you want to see your business ranked #1, that’s what Google will show YOU. Sometimes JUST YOU. Having independent rankings to benchmark your SEO progress is essential if you want to know what a real customer will see when they search..
  • CONVERT VISITORS INTO CUSTOMERS. All of these efforts should result in increased website traffic. Once visitors are on your website they need to be converted. Conversion is getting your visitors to take whatever action it is you want them to take.
    Car dealers want you to call or email about a vehicle, churches and nonprofits want you to attend services or events. A conversion can be anything, but at a minimum it needs to be a specific, measurable action.
  • RINSE AND REPEAT.  When you buy television or radio commercials you never ask when it will be ok to stop advertising. The same applies to online marketing.

Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing lives on forever. The more you do the HARDER it becomes for competitors to overtake you. In online marketing consistency and time are worth more than a big one-time budget.

Don’t forget that Google and the other search engines are changing the rules on a quarter-by-quarter basis. As the rules of the game change every few months, you need to be prepared to revisit each step in this process and implement required changes quickly and decisively.

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