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Are laptops worth repairing?

Consumer report says laptops are prone to having problems. They recommend no repair for computers purchased after a two-year period when repair costs exceed 50% for a replacement. Laptops typically lose 30 to 40 percent of its value in value over the past 30 years. The rule is that repairs for laptops should cost less than 25% of the original cost.


At work fixing computer at our Lincoln service center

How long have you been fixing laptops and computers?

With over 20 years of experience and more than 16,000 customers served, we’ve solved a variety of repairs requests. We are proud to say that we provide the most reliable and professional services in all areas of Lincoln, NE.

Since 1999 the Schrock Innovations has been providing laptop and computer repair services in Lincoln, Nebraska. We have helped thousands of customers fix computer issues, including both hardware and software.

Our team of talented PC and Mac repair technicians has been voted as KFORs Best of Lincoln every year since 2002. While we have grown to have multiple locations, our founding commitment to competent customer service has never changed.

The Lincoln Service Center is equipped with 25 bench spots and averages a 24-48 hour turnaround time for most repair jobs.

In addition, our technicians in Lincoln have 4 phone lines to provide technical support and can host up to 8 simultaneous Schrock Desk remote computer support connections.

NEW CUSTOMERS always get 1 full free hour of labor to experience how our award-winning commitment to service makes your computer or laptop repair experience the best in town!

How much does it cost to fix a computer?

Total cost of the repair depends on several factors. You can find most common services in the table below.

Our services Price
PC repair 1st hour free with promo code. $125/hour
Mac repair 1st hour free with promo code. $125/hour
Laptop repair 1st hour free with promo code. $125/hour
Hard drive data recovery 1st hour free with promo code. $125/hour
Data recovery Free evaluation. Starts at $400.
Preventative Maintenance $95
Sophos Endpoint Antivirus One time sign up $90. Yearly $69.99

Can I fix my own laptop?

Fortunately, there are some common problems with laptops that can be easily fixed. Take pictures of your computer. Find out the easiest way to repair it. It might be very cost-effective.

Do you provide Free consultations and diagnostics?

Our technicians will do a free diagnostics (1st hour) of the device before providing a quote. A preliminary analysis is performed to determine the cause of the malfunction. Regular availability of the parts that are in high demand and extensive experience allows us to repair your laptop in the shortest time possible. Most services are performed in the client’s presence, except for complex cases that require a more detailed study of the problem.

Do you provide warranty ?

All our repair and recovery services have a warranty period of up to 3 months. The duration of the warranty depends on the nature of the service provided, its complexity, spare parts, etc. Laptop repair is what we do better than anyone else!

Laptop repair process:

Your computer plays an important role in your life, starting from working and connecting with your loved ones. When things go wrong, we understand how frustrating this is. At Schrock Innovations Computer Repair, we'll help you with the laptop repair. Our qualified technicians have years of experience fixing a variety of computer-related problems. Once your laptop is in our office, we will start the fixing immediately.

Fixing your laptop - things to check

We know laptops are prone to various kinds of unexpected problems. What is a laptop issue that needs attention? Please look at our services if you have a problem or want to get more detailed information on our service details. Regardless of whether the repairs are necessary, or it’s just a simple issue, we provide a 1-hour free diagnostic service to all our new customers.


Below are some examples of the most common laptop-related problems and ideas on how to fix them.

Laptop overheats

The computers generate heat that has to vent. When computers are hot you need to check the CPU temperature. Upon reaching around 105° C the computer will shut off for protection against a possible fire. You can monitor CPU temperature in Windows with software like RealTemp or Linux with Terminal command "sensor". The processor is usually hot when covered with dust. The easiest way to fix this problem is to blow a little compressed air into a fan to clean out dirt that accumulates over time.

laptop repair at our lincoln office

The laptop won't turn on

Sometimes a laptop doesn’t turn on. Usually, the problem is simple. Please follow this guide to troubleshoot. If this doesn't work, you may have to change the motherboard or send it to the repair shop to resolve the problem. It requires replacing an input power source, which is attached by cable directly to the laptop. Sometimes motherboards work great but don't get power from bad ports.

The screen has dead pixels

Dead pixels appear on laptop screens as dots that do not change color. Typically, they are white, black, or green. Some people will ignore screen dead pixels (I have three at present on display) but large groups can really distract us. At Schrock Innovations we can fix dead pixels in no time. 

The battery dies quickly

In most cases, the battery should be replaced. Keep in mind that if you use intensive software, such as game editing software or simulation programs for laptops, these applications can burn up your battery. If your battery is over capacity, you should use the cfg command on Windows or the cppi command on Linux.

Why Schrock Innovations Computer Repair?

At our repair shops, laptops are repaired with quality parts and at the lowest possible price. We can deliver reliable repair services and guarantee high quality. We get a lot of new laptop parts daily, so we are ready to fix any type of laptop-related problem. If your laptop requires repair, bring it to the Schrock Innovations Computer Repair shops nearest to your current location.

No-obligation diagnostics

When you bring a laptop to Schrock Innovations Computer Repair shop, we'll first perform a diagnostic to identify how the problem occurred. When the problem is identified, we will provide a cost estimate. Once you agree on the repair and price, we can start fixing your laptop immediately, so you can have your perfectly working laptop back in no time.

Expert technicians

From frozen screens to caffeine-soaked keyboards, we understand everything. At Schrock Innovations Computer Repair, the staff is well qualified to repair laptops quickly. Visit the closest shop. Our goal is to help

How does a laptop work?

A computer is not mystical, though its power is great. If you know everything about computers, the following information might refresh your memory, and it might help the rest of you learn how to troubleshoot and repair the issues shown below. 


It is essentially the computer's internal processor and is often called a processor. All program codes in the library that are used daily are executed. The CPU produces heat that is needed to dissipate in a specific manner - otherwise, the machine overheats & shuts down. Most laptops contain heat sinks that absorb heat, and fans, which blow cool air over them and transfer warm air to the back of the laptop. When the cooling unit has been removed, you need to apply the thermal paste onto the CPU so it can be cooled.


In contrast, the CPU and the motherboards are the brains and nervous systems. The motherboard is a thin board that occupies almost all the computer room and is usually the biggest component. Designed by fiberglass, it features tiny copper strands on top. The lines called traces are usually used by the CPU to communicate directly between other components, such as RAM and memory. Several thick old laptops have an integrated CPU socket that can be replaced, but these two components are often soldered together and cannot be changed separately.


The screen is the exterior of the laptop. The screens consist of several pixels, which change color separately. The size of the screen is measured by a number of pixels on either the width or height of the screen. The pixels in displays emit no light. Instead, the backlight changes the light emission of the pixels behind the pixels. Should either part fail, it must be completely rearranged.


Your program information will reside on an e-reader or SSD in your laptop. Because hard drives contain platters spinning high speed on your laptop, they can end up dying with traumatic impacts or breaking. (shout out to my hard disk - it survived falling downstairs). The SSD is less prone to a problem than the hard drive, and it's faster. So a switch will have a significant effect on your system too. Several SSDs are soldered directly into motherboards and are difficult to repair without a professional technician.


Before executing, the CPU code is stored temporarily in RAM. RAM components are either attached directly onto the motherboard (making repairers unhappy or placing it in an internal slot of the motherboard) and/or in an external slot (making the repairers happy). You can also replace old RAM with new RAM. Using more memory is not necessarily linked to higher computer speed as a whole.


This is the final part of this list, which is a battery. The battery is charged by the computer when no power is supplied. The battery provides the extra power resulting from the reactions that occur within its components. This process produces unintended side effects over time as the battery wears down. Thus, batteries are fundamentally consumable components that require maintenance over a period. Some manufacturers attach batteries to the batteries, so they are easier to replace. Using adhesive removers can be useful for the removal of sticky manufacturing tricks.

Computer stores in Lincoln

Alternatively you can check out other places if you need to buy a new computer:

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Address: 2500 Jamie Ln, Lincoln, NE 68512
Phone: +14029756171

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Phone: +14024732099

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Address: 333 N 50th St At, R St, Lincoln, NE 68504
Phone: +14024663443


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Mark Pinkerton
Mark Pinkerton
15:47 15 Apr 22
My outlook e-mail wasn't coming up when trying to open it and wasn't sure why. So I called Schrock Innovations,... explained the situation and was connected to their help desk. Parker took over and called me back in about 4 to 5 minutes with the problem resolved. I've always had the help desk at Schrock and they've always done an A+ job. My problem, at that time, was always resolved and was always explained to me in terms I could understand. I couldn't operate without Schrock there to assist when needed. They are GREAT!!!read more
Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell
18:44 13 Apr 22
Fantastic help. Parker was who helped me. He is worth a million $$$As is all the staff @ Schrock. We have been... customers for years. Always get quick precise help. The staff is knowledgeable, patient and kind.Thank you again for the great service you provide. Sincerely Bonnie Campbellread more
Kathy Morris
Kathy Morris
20:13 01 Apr 22
Have used Schrock for over 20 yearsStaff is always helpful and have never failed to solve my "issues"Parker today -... Awesome Thank you!read more
Richard Rehm
Richard Rehm
21:03 28 Feb 22
Excellent. I recommend. Fast friendly open weekends. Cannot say anything bad or negative. Thanks gentlemen for a... job well more
08:06 04 Feb 22
This is too Lincoln best store I promise the people in store are so nice.they have respect for everyone and they always... smile and I 100% recommend this store and this store deserves to be the best store in Lincoln.I just love this store I really recommend fixes your pc building from them.100/10read more
Dennis Meier
Dennis Meier
14:30 24 Jan 22
I have been to the Lincoln service center a few times in the last few months. Chris and the other technicans did a... great job. Wait time for repair was quick in the same day. Outstanding service. Highly recommend more
Ina Luhring
Ina Luhring
20:18 18 Jan 22
Over the years, and several computers, we have been very pleased with the quality of the items we have purchased, and... the willingness of their staff members to provide assistance and answer questions. The Schrock Desk program has been invaluable, especially when setting up and getting oriented to new computers. Parker has been great and very responsive when I've had problems or concerns! We are very appreciative of having a business like Schrock available locally in our community!read more
Beatrice Brailey
Beatrice Brailey
00:01 11 Jan 22
Excellent service. Knowledgeable employee. And very polite. Product is exactly as ordered. I was able to pick it up in... a timely manner (3 days max). Price for the product was more
Neil Butler
Neil Butler
12:37 24 Dec 21
Always an awesome experience provided by staff at the Schrock Innovations Lincoln Service center. We are are confident... in the staff's knowledge, integrity and commitment to servicing the technological needs of our immediate family, but also the same of our grandchildren who are in high school and college. My in-laws have also benefited from our association and faith in SCHROCK INNOVATIONS and their Lincoln Service Center Staff. It's difficult to find that kind of commitment to quality customer service today. Trust them implicitly to service our computing more
Michael Mastrodomenico
Michael Mastrodomenico
23:08 13 Dec 21
They took great care of me and fixed my computer in just a day for free! Great service, loved the guy at the front desk.
Anna Dzhulay
Anna Dzhulay
01:09 24 Oct 21
I own an older computer and it became painfully slow to do anything on it. not sure what magic they have done, but it... feels like a brand new computer now. woohoo.. appreciate more
Katerina hollis
Katerina hollis
17:36 15 Oct 21
It is the 2nd company I talked to to resolve boot issue with my asus laptop. It took them some time to figure out the... issue , but overall I am happy that I can use my asus again. Thnxread more
Drew Havens
Drew Havens
19:54 23 Sep 21
I went in with a laptop with a broken hinge, but aside from that everything else worked perfectly fine. It took them a... week and a half to get the hinge replaced, and when I took the laptop home I plugged it in and the screen would not turn on. I brought it back to them after the weekend and it took them another four days to call me and tell me they didn't know what was wrong with it. They said it was probably an issue with the motherboard and that I would need to get a new laptop. They told me that it was "pre-existing damage", but the laptop worked perfectly fine when I brought it in (aside from the hinge that left the laptop open at an angle). Even though they worked on the hinge, which contains the connection between the base of the laptop and the screen, they would not admit to any fault and claimed they did not have a correct power supply to test it. Now my laptop doesn't work at all, I haven't had a computer for 3 weeks, and I had to pay for the price of the hinge they put on it. The one thing I would expect a designated computer repair center to be good at would be fixing computers, but they only broke mine further. The service was slow and they did the opposite of what they were supposed to do: a simple hinge replacement on a laptop. When the screen wouldn't turn on, they claimed it was already broken when it had been in their possession the entire time. Please don't take your computer to be "repaired" here as you will be returned a non-functional device and be billed for more
John Miles
John Miles
17:55 16 Aug 21
Schrock worked on my computer for about 5 months.Liked their overall responsiveness, but... In March I was getting... windows blue screens. They could not figure out why and decided to wipe the software and memory clean. Worked for a while, but blue screens returned. They then replaced the solid state drive and wiped it clean again. Worked for a while but then when that proved not to work they changed out everything and determined by process of elimination that I needed a new cpu and motherboard. Seems to be working now, but we will see. Wish they would have done the last steps first. Was not more
Greg Jensen
Greg Jensen
22:44 10 Aug 21
Sorry, but I disagree with the many 5 star reviews. Brought my laptop in for diagnosis of problem with the battery... holding power. Paid $200+ for a new battery, waited longer than promised....and shortly later the battery died again - though laptop runs fine while plugged (sorta defeating any portability).I bought a new laptop. Took a chance with Schrock....guess it's back to the Geek more
alfa romeo
alfa romeo
15:50 28 Jun 21
Dropped off my wife's computer with Kayne for blue screens of death issues, and he had the issue resolved quicker than... I thought. Great work .read more
natasha kritova
natasha kritova
07:53 20 Jun 21
My pc was shutting down from time to time and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. it turned out to be an issue with... the power block. Good job guysread more
Andrej Vasilenko
Andrej Vasilenko
19:57 16 Jun 21
Fast and high-quality computer repair!
Michael T. Lichtenfeld
Michael T. Lichtenfeld
22:01 08 Apr 21
Wonderful staff who where Very Helpful amd Knowledgeable Concerning Computers.
Dennis Rohn
Dennis Rohn
15:01 25 Mar 21
If I have a problem they always help me take care of my problem or concern.
george howell
george howell
00:43 03 Feb 21
Little unhappy. Took my computer in for a hard drive update and was told it would take 2 days. That was almost 2 weeks... ago. They say they are waiting for a part. They need to do a better job informing people of the more
16:06 19 Jan 21
Customer service is off the charts, I had some online updates that needed done, it was above my pay grade. Shelly... started the process and let the Lincoln store finish up. Great people all more
Dominic Black
Dominic Black
17:03 13 Jul 20
Knowledgeable, efficient and cost effective. Big box service centers are a ripoff and treat you like a number, these... guys take the time to talk to you and teach you if you want to learn. Got our first custom computer from them 15 years ago and didn't regret it! Definitely would still go back to them for service help even with my current home made rigread more
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