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Corporate IT Services

Your time is valuable. Schrock understands that when you need corporate IT services, you want it on your schedule. So, we offer corporate services for all your technology needs no matter how demanding your life is. And, we're prepared to get your technology back on track.

According to, the average IT Technician earns $60,311 per year. Most small and medium sized business just don’t have $52,000 to dedicate to IT. That’s why Schrock Innovations offers corporate services that take the pressure off of business owners. By allocating trained technicians to business offices on an on-call basis, Schrock takes that $60,311 annual budget and reduces it to $100 per visit and an annual service charge per computer.

Don’t rely on the knowledge of your cousin’s best friend for managing your corporate IT services when you can trust Schrock Innovations to do it right without breaking the bank.

Let's do some math and see how much you could save

How many computer problems do you expect per month?

How many computers do you have?

Under our amazing coportate contracts you will be saving lot of money. Actually, you will save around $2658 per year

total cost per month:

On other hand, if you decide to go incident by incident this is the amount of money you will have to spend in a monthly basis.

total cost per month: