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Schrock Business’s unique IT support model offers 24/7 support and charges per device covered rather than a large flat monthly rate. You save as much as 50% on IT services because of Schrock’s unique model of matching appropriate our technicians to each ticket. You only pay for what you need!

More than ever, businesses need IT solutions to run day-to-day operations and remain profitable. It is hard to be profitable when your technology is unreliable, or you have to pay a small fortune to a solutions provider to keep it running.

Schrock Business offers a unique pricing and service delivery model that provides the correct level of IT assistance when it is needed at a cost that is about 50% lower than what you are paying now.

Rather than paying a flat monthly rate to have an IT company on standby if something goes wrong, Schrock Business lets you decide how many devices are essential to your business and then charges a small annual fee per device to manage your technology.

When you need assistance, we are there in person or virtually within hours - not days. You decide when you need our assistance and the cost for a service call is capped at a pre-determined rate regardless of the complexity of the issue or the amount of time required to resolve it.

While our competitors have some brilliant network engineers and administrators, in most situations you don’t need that level of expertise to resolve an issue with your Quick Books, ChiroTouch, or EZ Dental software.

When you have a simple issue we assign a technician with the skill set that best matches the challenge. If you are in serious trouble, we assign our own software engineers, network engineers, or network administrators, but you always pay the same low flat-rate incident fee. By matching the right technician to your issue, we keep our costs down, deliver faster service and in turn, save a huge chunk of your current IT budget.

At Schrock Business we are outside-the-box problem solvers. We understand you want all of the options as well as the advice that will help you achieve your goals.

Reach out to us at Schrock Business and we would be happy to evaluate your current IT solution provider, explain what you are really paying for, and offer you a viable alternative.

You have nothing to lose! Businesses that get a quote from Schrock Business either end up working with us, or their existing provider to reduces your bill. Either way, let us help your business reduce its IT budget and enjoy the growth potential that comes with having the right technology partner in your corner.

How Much Can Schrock Business Save Your Company?

Drop us an email below and we will set up a no-obligation meeting to review your current IT implementation, your upcoming needs, and the service level you are currently receiving from your provider.  We usually save businesses 50% or more on their IT budget, so you literally have nothing to lose!

Call (855) 317-1177 for more information.

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