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Successful Job Shadow

Our Lincoln Service Center recently hosted a couple students from Norris High School in Firth, NE for a job shadow. They had this to say about their experience:

Dear Schrock Innovations Employees,

Thank you for taking some time out of your day to do a job shadow. My friend and I really appreciate it, and we can see ourselves doing this in the future. I was surprised about how much of what you do I have already experienced. However, I did learn how to test hard drives, and I also learned that multitasking is a skill that we will need. Anyways, thank you again for letting us both job shadow.


Isiah T

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to shadow at Schrock Innovations on April 24th. I understand this took some time away from the technicians responsibilities and duties, and I am very grateful of the computer repair activities they provided me along with the information they provided regarding working at Schrock.

My experience at Schrock Innovations was excellent. I became much more convinced that the Informations Technology field is the best choice for my career

Jared R

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