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Second Schrock Election 2008 Billboard Released

The second of our election 2008 billboards will be airing on KOLN/KGIN Channel 10/11 throughout election night as results is being released today.

I really like advertising during election returns on local stations because its the one time that you KNOW local people of a certain demographic will be watching the local television stations to see the results of the local races.

Typically people who vote are better educated, have higher levels of disposable income and are more likely to select a service provider based on the quality of service provided than the price point it is provided at.

Some people suspect that Obama mania may bring in a lot of younger voters, but in a state like Nebraska where the median age is just over 55 years old, I don’t really see that as being a factor in this cycle.

In a few days we will be pre-releasing the first in a 12-commercial series that will highlight Schrock Innovations computer repair services while contrasting our value against the value of our competitors.

Of course, the commercials will be hilarious and if we are lucky, they will go viral 🙂

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