Nebraska's #1 Voted Computer Repair Company

Schrock Innovations Voted Best of Lincoln Again!

Schrock Innovations was voted the #1 Independent Computer Repair Company in the 2006 KFOR Best of Lincoln Survey for the 4th year in a row! Thank you to all of our radio show listeners and KFOR fans who voted for us.

This year we will be trying something new with the radio show. Typically we move to Sunday mornings during the Husker season to avoid any potential conflicts with football game coverage. this year we are going to buck that trend and stay on at 10:00 on Saturday mornings. Listeners have told us that they lose track of our show for a few weeks when we move to Sundays, and again when we move back to Saturdays after the season concludes (hopefully in January this year!).

We understand that priorities are priorities, so we will continue to make our previous radio shows available free of advertising on our website. In addition, we will be having special “Game Day Only” sales that offer products and services at drastically reduces prices, but only on that Saturday from 12-5.

I had the opportunity to listen in person to Steve Pederson talk about the outlook for the Husker season off camera, and he managed to get me fired up for this year’s team. Go Huskers, and thank you for making Schrock Innovations #1 in Lincoln again!

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