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Schrock Innovations Opposes LB583

Local computer company owner Thor Schrock will testify on Thursday that LB583, the Electronics
Recycling Systems Act, is a poorly written bill that will create confusion, will reduce the number of
choices Nebraska consumers enjoy, and result in higher prices for consumer electronic goods.

Schrock owns Schrock Innovations, a local computer repair and software development company with
offices in Lincoln and Omaha, NE. Schrock is concerned that his small business would be considered
a manufacturer under the bill, even though the intent of the bill was not to do so.

“LB583 is written in such a way that a reasonable person could argue that a small business like mine is
manufacturing computers for resale,” Schrock said. “This bill makes no differentiation between Schrock
Innovations and Dell.”

The bill is designed to shift the burden of recycling costs from the shoulders of the consumer onto the
manufacturer. The bill attempts to do this by taxing the manufacturers and then using the revenue
collected to pay for the recycling of E-waste collected by recycling facilities. Schrock’s largest issue with
the bill is that it poorly defines who a manufacturer is in relation to who a retailer is.

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