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Robert Bosoco Gives Schrock 2 Thumbs Up!

Gift From Bob BosocoToday we received a gift from one of our long-time customers, Bob Bosoco.

This time of year we usually pack on a few pounds with all of the goodies our customers drop by.

But this is the first gift we are going to have to frame!

Here is what Bob wrote in his note:

December 13. 2009

Thor Schrock
Schrock Innovations
2801 Pine Lake Road #A
Lincoln, Ne 68516

Dear Thor:

Before the year escapes me completely I want to be sure I let you know I am pleased with the Schrock Desk Service from Schrock Innovations.

With “Schrock Desk” John and especially Eric, I have been able to keep my problems to a minimum and always have them solved promptly. Eric has been a life line to keeping me running and his quality attitude toward customer service is noteworthy.

I hope the art print “Computer Bugs” by Randall Spangler will be enjoyed by the entire staff and will give them reason to smile. Regrettably I was not able to deliver the print to your hands as I had originally intended. A family health issue became an intervening priority.

I hope 2010 is a prosperous year for you, your family and employees.

Merry Christmas


Same back to you Bob!

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