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Schrock Safe Upgrade (Windows April 2020 Update)


Schrock Safe Upgrade is a program designed to safely and successfully install major Windows Updates like the Windows 10 version update scheduled for release April, 2020.


Schrock Safe Upgrade (Windows April 2020 Update)


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Schrock Safe Upgrade is a program designed to safely and successfully install major Windows Updates like the Windows 10 version update scheduled for release April, 2020.


Schrock Safe Upgrade

Microsoft releases 2 major operating system upgrades every year that are literal upgrades from one version of Windows 10 to a new version, similar to when people upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

This complex operating system upgrade will be installed on your computer automatically and there is no way to disable the upgrade.

These upgrades can (and have) caused a host of problems for Schrock customers ranging from broken Symantec Endpoint installations to misbehaving start menus.

Schrock Safe Upgrade reduces these complications and saves you time and money by doing the same system checks our technicians would do on the bench if we were upgrading your version of Windows in the Service Center.  Installing this upgrade in a controlled environment can save you expensive computer repairs and trips to and from our Service Center.


Schrock Safe Upgrade will:

  • Test the health of your hard drive at the time of installation
  • Check the condition of your anti-virus to ensure you are infection free
  • Make sure all of your 3rd party programs are up to date
  • Install the Free Windows 10 version 1909 Update
  • Provide you with a 30-day warranty on the installation of the update

If Schrock Safe Upgrade detects a problem that could cause a bad installation, it will stop and ask you to correct the issue before continuing.  If that requires the assistance of a technician, it will tell you.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Internet Connection
  • Stable Hardware Environment

Warranty Details

The warranty on the installation covers anything related to the upgrade such as a system that will not boot, Windows functions that do not work, etc.

The warranty does not cover issues unrelated to the upgrade such as hardware incompatibility, software incompatibility, hardware failures, problems that existed before the installation of the update or if you choose to proceed with the update when Schrock Safe Upgrade tells you to seek the assistance of a technician first.

Your warranty is valid for 30-days after the date you installed the Windows 10 version update.


Downloading Schrock Safe Upgrade

After purchasing this program a link to the download and your license key will be available in your Schrock Account in the purchase history.  The program will be available for download as soon as the Windows 10 version update is released.  You will receive an email when it is time to run your installation.

It is important you run the installation within 24 hours of receiving the email.  Otherwise your computer may automatically attempt the installation and your warranty will not apply.  Microsoft usually releases more precise date information as we get closer to the release and we will keep you updated to any changes in the release schedule.

Only 1,000 instances of Schrock Safe Upgrade will be available for purchase.  This application is limited to use for one computer, so if you have more than one Windows 10 PC you should purchase enough for all of the computers you would like to cover.


Purchasing in the Service Center

If you prefer to purchase the Schrock Safe Upgrade in the Service Center, you will still have to create a Schrock Account to download the software from when it is time to install.  We can help you do that.

If you would prefer to just have a Schrock technician do the installation in the shop for you, we can complete the installation for $79.99 on a first come, first serve basis.  We cannot provide estimated turn-around times because we do not know how many computers we will receive and how quickly they will install the upgrade.  We STRONGLY recommend if you are sensitive about turn-around times you use the online option rather than coming into the Service Center.

Please feel free to call us with questions, but unfortunately, we cannot take orders for the Schrock Safe Upgrade software by phone.  They must be placed online or in person.