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New Schrock Data Center Offers Clients Development Advantages

This weekend Schrock Innovations brought it’s new data center online in Sarpy County.  The new data center is clocks in at over 50,000 square feet with multiple power, internet, and redundancy options all designed to keep Schrock system and client websites online at all times and responding quickly.

The move brings Schrock’ software hosting and development business home to Nebraska after spending 5 years partnered with Dallas, TX based Rackspace.

“The move from a managed hosting platform at Rackspace to a local solution where Schrock technicians can actually put hands on the appliances will help us provide faster service for our clients and subscribers,” Schrock Innovations CEO Thor Schrock said. “You can’t do what we do on GoDaddy or DreamHost.  You have to have the real deal.”

As Schrock’s portfolio of client websites continues to grow, the company’s Secure Updater product gains in popularity both locally and nation-wide the ability to quickly boost connectivity, storage, and capacity was absolutely critical.

The new Schrock Data Center has the capability of flexing in over 1,000 processors, over an Exabyte of redundant storage with 14-day backup retention, and hundreds of gigabytes of RAM.

The data center is still undergoing testing, but should be operational and available to Schrock clients by the end of July.

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