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Care More About Helping Than Almighty Dollar

When Janet came in looking for help looking through her old computer equipment, we bent over backward to assist her in her situation. Here’s her letter to us:

My husband saved everything so after his death I was left with all kinds of computer equipment that I couldn’t even identify. One day I took some of those items to your south 72nd Street store. I had never been in a Schrock Innovations store before. The technician was so helpful sorting through the items I had brought. Most of the items were out-of-date so he offered to recycle them for me. I returned several times with boxes and each time I was given the same service.

Since that time I have started listening to your Sunday morning program. My knowledge of computers is very limited so I have learned a lot from your program.

Thank you so much for all you do! You truly are more interested in helping someone with a computer problem than you are with the almighty dollar.

Janet N

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