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“I Probably Owe Them Some Chocolate Chip Cookies”

After countless run-ins with our Lincoln service center over a variety of issues, Mary Ann was so happy with our service she wrote this testimonial:

Not being a computer geek, I lost count on the number of times Jake & John in Lincoln have gotten me out of a jam!! Once I downloaded a program & had no inkling how to use it. They were so good & able to not only get it working, but coached me so I could use it. They took the time to figure out this obscure program & help me. No matter how “dumb” the question is, I can always get help. No wonder its called the “Help Desk”. Well worth the money & wouldn’t be without it. That reminds me: I probably owe them some chocolate chip cookies.

We’re proud to be the first people you call when you need computer help, Mary Ann. We hope you were serious about the cookies too…

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