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Customer Thanks Techs for Phone Support

Kate Haskins recently expressed her thanks for the efficiency and good humor of Jon and Jake from our Lincoln Service Center. They solved her security and update issues and according to Ms. Haskins, represented our business admirably. She writes:

Hello, Thor!

Late last I had the good fortune to have been assisted (via phone) be Jon and Jake. Initially, it was Jake who took my call and helped with my inquiry regarding installation of security and updaters. Subsequent to my initial call, I primarily worked with Jon.

Both Jon and Jake were very helpful. They were efficient and, thankfully, good-humored. Ultimately I received the assistance I needed.

Jon and Jake have represented your business admirably. Thank you so much!


Thank you, Kate, for your kind words and thank you, Jon and Jake, for putting in the hard work to make sure the Schrock Innovations experience is a pleasant one!

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