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Correct Diagnostics and Fair Pricing

One thing we’ve been noticing about all the reviews we’ve been receiving is that a lot of our customers have talked about how knowledgeable our technicians are. Here, in Debbie’s example, a Schrock technician was able to correctly diagnose an issue even when a Dell technician said otherwise. Debbie writes:

I have never had customer service as good as I have received with Schrock in Lincoln. I took in my old PC and was very satisfied with the clean up and then my laptop went bad. This was a Dell laptop. I spent many hours on the phone with a Dell tech (which was located in India)and they insisted that it was my software, not a hardware problem. I took my laptop to Schrock to figure out the software problem and believe it or not, it was the hardware. Schrock took my problem from here. I feel they went beyond expectations that anyone else would have done. I received a new laptop from Dell and Schrock made sure it was operating correctly and all my programs were put back in before they gave me the laptop. I would recommend Schrock to anyone because they know what they are doing and are easy to understand! I also felt that they were very fair in their pricing.

Thanks, Debbie, for driving home the fact that our technicians are knowledgeable and our prices are fair.

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