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Completely Remove the SpyCrush Spyware Infection From Your Computer in 5 Minutes!

SpyCrush (also known as Spylocked, SpySheriff, SpywareQuake, SpyFalcon and Brave Sentry) is one of the latest spyware infections plaguing users on the Internet.

SpyCrush is a member of the SmitFraud family and is a clone of the SpyLocked infection dressed up with a different name. Depending on your level of skill, it can be difficult to remove SpyCrush from your computer.

This infection will display warnings telling you you are infected with spyware, when in fact you are not. You may see popup baloons that read:

“System has detected a number of active spyware applications that may impact the performance of your computer. Click the icon to get rid of unwanted spyware by downloading an up-to-date anti-spyware solution.”

This is one of the only places where you can find complete removal instructions without the need to purchase software or install some kind of trial removal software to remove SpyCrush.

This tutorial will show you how to remove SpyCrush infection from your system at no cost in four easy steps.

How to Know if You are Infected:

This is the SpyCrush scanning screen. If you see this on your PC youare infected with SpyCrush. The next three pages of this remove SpyCrush tutorial shows you how to remove the infection without spending money or installing trial software.

In addition to the scanning window, you will also see almost constant popups that appear to be coming from the Windows Security Center, but are actually generated by the SpyCrush spyware infection. These are depicted below.

This is what a typical SpyCrush pop-up alert will look like from your Windows system tray. This alert is not a genuine security alert and is a marker that indicates you are infected with the SpyCrush spyware infection.

How you Were Infected with SpyCrush

Most of the time it is easy to know when your computer is infected with the SpyCrush spyware infection. You will see a popup each time you boot your computer.

The main purpose of SpyCrush is to trick you into thinking that your computer is massively infected with spyware, and the only solution is to purchase the commercial version of SpyCrush to remove the infection. In reality, SpyCrush is the spyware infection, and the typical AntiSpyware utilities (Adaware, Spybot Search and Destroy, Microsoft AntiSpyware, and Windows Defender) can not remove it because SpyCrush is constantly running – even in Safe Mode.

NOTE: – It is important that you follow the remove SpyCrush tutorial directions on the following pages EXACTLY to ensure a proper removal of the SpyCrush spyware infection. Skipping steps, or performing actions out of sequence will result in an incomplete SpyCrush removal and probable spyware reinfection. Please click here to bookmark this page (Ctrl+D) so you can return here later after you restart your computer. This remove SpyCrush process will require you to restart your PC.

This remove SpyCrush tutorial consists of three additional steps. Please continue through the remaining three steps in the remove SpyCrush process. The entire remove SpyCrush tutorial should take less than five minutes to complete.

Remove SpyCrush Step 1 – With the introductions out of the way, you will now need to download the tool required to remove SpyCrush from your computer. There is one tool that is needed. Use the links below to download each tool and save it to your Windows Desktop. Right click on each link and select “Save As” and save them to your desktop.
Download the smitRem tool to remove spyware

Remove SpyCrush Step 2 – Once you have this tool downloaded, you need to install a secure browser, such as Mozilla Firefox. You were infected with SpyCrush when its creators manipulated your Internet Explorer browser. To successfully remove SpyCrush you must download and install Firefox. After installing Firefox it is critical that you run the Firefox browser at least once. This is important in the remove SpyCrush process! Don’t skip this step!

Remove SpyCrush Step 3 – Once you have Firefox installed and have opened it, you need to disable the System restore function in Windows XP and ME. Pieces of the SpyCrush infection can hide in your system restore points, so to remove SpyCrush completely, we strongly suggest you do not skip this step.

Remove SpyCrush Step 4 – Once you have disabled System Restore, you will need to prepare the tool you downloaded for use. To do this, first locate the smitrem.exe file on your desktop. Double click on the file and you will see an extraction window similar to the one on the right. Click on Start and the extractor will create a folder on your desktop called smitrem.

Remove SpyCrush Step 5 – With your tools ready for use, you must now boot your computer into safe mode. You will need to restart your PC to do this, so be sure to click here to bookmark this page. (Ctrl+D) Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode of Windows that will make the remove SpyCrush process much easier.

Once your computer is in Safe Mode you can proceed with the tools you prepared for to remove SpyCrush in the previous step. Open your Control Panels and double click on Add/Remove Programs. Once the Add/Remove window is open, locate the SpyCrush entry (they are in alphabetical order) and click uninstall.

Although this removal seems surprisingly simple, appearances can be deceiving. Close the Add/Remove window and close the Control Panels Window.

NOTE: – The SpyCrush program will still be popping up those annoying alerts from your taskbar. This is normal. Continue through the rest of the tutorial to complete the remove SpyCrush process and stop the popups.

Remove SpyCrush Step 6 – Next, you are going to use one of the tools you downloaded. Locate the smitrem folder on your desktop and double click on it to open it. Locate a file in the folder named “runthis.bat” and double click on it to launch it. Click “Yes” on any security warnings that pop up. Follow the on-screen directions to move through the smitrem tool.

Once it has completed, the tool will exit and an automatic disk cleanup will be launched. This cleanup can take anywhere from minutes to hours to run, so be patient and do not interrupt it. Once the disk cleanup is finished, the majority of the SpyCrush infection has been removed from your system. However, there are still some manual cleanup steps you will need to perform to finish the job.

Remove SpyCrush Step 7 – Now we have to get rid of the SpyCrush spyware application so it stops popping up alerts in the future. To do this you must end the SpyCrush task. By design, the task is difficult to identify. First, press the “ctrl” + “alt” + “del” keys at the same time. The Task Manager window should now appear. Click on the “Processes” tab. Under Process Name, look for any of the tasks listed below in the list in your computer.


If you find any matches, highlight the task by left clicking on it, and then click on the “End Process” button. End any and all matches you find, because there could be more than one. As you end the processes, be sure to click “Yes” to any warning boxes that pop up. The SpyCrush alerts in the taskbar should now stop popping up.

You are almost done with the remove SpyCrush tutorial. There is only one step left. Please move on to the fourth and final remove SpyCrush step.

SpyCrush Removal Step 8 – Next you will need to use your comuter’s search function to look for and delete the last of SpyCrush’s files. Depending on the particular infection that is on your computer, you may find some or all of these files.

First, prepare your search function by left clicking on the Start button and then left clicking on Search. The search window should now open. On the left, click on “All Files and Folders” and then left click on “More Advanced Options.” A drop down should now appear. Make certain you have a check mark in the Search System Folders, Seach Hidden Files and Folders, and Search subfolders boxes.

Enter the name of each of the files below into the search box and search your computer for the file. Delete any that are found.

C:\Program Files\SpyCrush 3.1\
C:\Program Files\SpyCrush 3.2\

Prevent Reinfection!

Some users have reported that ExpertAntivirus has continually reinfected their computers after it has been successfully removed. To prevent this from happening to you, we recommend that you download and install SpyDoctor as a component of the FREE Google Pack.

The Google Pack is distributed directly from Google and contains FREE essential software like Norton Security Scan and SpyDoctor that can help prevent infections like ContraVirus from worming into your computer.

Downloading and installing the Google Pack over a high speed connection will take about 5 minutes, but it is WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!

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