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Completely Remove DigiKeyGen Spyware From Your Computer

DigiKeyGen is a program that is downloaded intentionally by users who wish to find free pornographic content on the Internet. DigiKeyGen purports to give free access to pornographic web content, but ends up blackmails unwitting users who have downloaded it. The DigiKeyGen software is typically found on web pages that advertise that visitors can download a password generator in order to gain free access to “adult resources.”

Visitors are then asked to download DigiKeyGen so they can receive free passwords that allegedly allow them access to pay-per-view pornographic websites. As DigiKeyGen is being installed, a spyware program and an alleged anti-spyware application are installed on the user’s computer without the their knowledge. The “anti-spyware” program then begins popping up warnings that alert the unwitting user that their computer is infected with malware and offers them an anti-spyware program to clean the system for $49.95.

In fact, the malware infection is DigiKeyGen, and the software informs users that if they do not pay the $49.95 the popups accusing users of viewing child pornography will continue. Many users did not view child pornography, and become quite alarmed that others may believe they have done such things. Some people become so alarmed that they pay the $49.95 to DigiKeyGen not knowing they are actually a victim of extortion.

How to Remove DigiKeyGen in Four Easy Steps:

Remove DigiKeyGen Step 1. Before you can remove DigiKeyGen from your computer and stop the accusatory popup messages, you must install a secure browser on your computer. You were infected by DigiKeyGen when your Internet Explorer browser was manipulated without your knowledge. To complete the removal process, you must first install a secure internet web browser such as Mozilla Firefox. Installing Firefox only takes about 1 minute over a high-speed connection. Be sure to open Firefox after you have downloaded it at least once. This is important! If you need the URL to install Firefox, it is

Remove DigiKeyGen Step 2. Once you have installed Firefox and opened it at least once, you are ready to begin the actual removal process. The first step in the remove DigiKeyGen process is to disable System Restore. If you skip this step, DigiKeyGen will reinfect your computer in the future. DigiKeyGen hides in your System Restore points. Disabling System Restore will delete all of your previous System Restore points, including the infected files. Use the links below to view a help article on disabling System Restore that is appropriate for your Operating System.

NOTE: Before you continue, you may wish to click here to bookmark this page. (Ctrl+D) as you will need to reboot your computer during the remove DigiKeyGen process. There is also a link to a printer friendly version of the remove DigiKeyGen article at the bottom of this page.

Remove DigiKeyGen Step 3. After you have disabled System Restore, you must reboot your computer in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode of Windows in which only the absolute basics are loaded to get your computer booted. This step insures that no piece of the DigiKeyGen software is running as you attempt to complete the remove DigiKeyGen process. This step is important, so if you do not know how to boot into Safe Mode, please click the link above for instructions.

Remove DigiKeyGen Step 4. Now that your computer is booted into Safe Mode, you will need to perform a backup of your system’s registry. The remove DigiKeyGen article requires you to manually edit your system’s registry. If you accidentally change the wrong value in your registry, you can do significant harm to your Windows operating system. Having a backup to restore from is essential before you continue. If you do not know how to backup your Windows registry, please read our how to backup your Windows registry article for further instructions.

Remove DigiKeyGen Step 5. Now that you have backed up your Windows registry, it is time to remove the DigiKeyGen registry entry. Left click on your Start button and then left click on “Run.” A small box will appear. Delete anything in that box and then type the following command without the quotes: “regedit”. The Windows Registry Editor will now appear. You must now locate and delete the following key:


Click Yes or OK to any warnings that appear. Once the key is deleted, close the registry editor by left clicking on the small x in the top right corner of the window.

Remove DigiKeyGen Step 6. With the registry editing out of the way, you will now need to manually delete the DigiKeyGen files from your hard drive. Locate and delete any of the following files that you locate:

  • c:\ProgramFiles\DigiKeyGen\digikeygen.exe
  • c:\ProgramFiles\DigiKeyGen\digikeygen.exe.manifest
  • c:\ProgramFiles\DigiKeyGen\DigiKeygen.url
  • c:\ProgramFiles\DigiKeyGen\helper.exe (A copy of Trojan.Zlob.)
  • c:\ProgramFiles\DigiKeyGen\UNI2C.tmp
  • c:\ProgramFiles\DigiKeyGen\uninst.exe
  • c:\Documents and Settings\Your User Profile Here\Desktop\digikeygen.lnk
  • c:\Documents and Settings\Your User Profile Here\Start Menu\Programs\DigiKeyGen\DigiKeyGen Login.lnk
  • c:\Documents and Settings\Your User Profile Here\Start Menu\Programs\DigiKeyGen\DigiKeygen.lnk

Remove DigiKeyGen Step 7. You have now completed the majority of the remove DigiKeyGen tutorial. Reboot your computer to exit Safe Mode and you should notice that the pornographic blackmail popups are now gone.

There is still one last thing you must do to ensure your system is not reinfected with DigiKeyGen the next time you reboot! Many users have reported that their computer is reinfected with DigiKeyGen because of the numerous scrap files that are left behind after an initially successful removal. To prevent this from happening to you, we recommend you download the Google Pack of Essential Software. The Google Pack contains an assortment of useful software, which includes one of the best free anti-spyware programs around. Run a full scan with the Google Pack, and you should be safe from any reinfection.

The Google Pack takes about 5 minutes to download over a high speed connection. If you do not complete this final step you will most likely be reinfected and the pornographic popups will return, so it is well worth the 5 minute wait! If you need the URL to install the Google Pack, please visit and look for a Google Pack button on the bottom left hand corner of the page.

After you have installed the Google Pack and run your AdAware scan, the remove DigiKeyGen process is complete.

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