Completely Delete MoviePass Mediapipe Software From Your Computer

Published on 09-23-2008  | 

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This is a delete MoviePass tutorial that will explain what MoviePass is (also known as MovieLand and MediaPipe), how you got MoviePass on your computer, and what you need to do IMMEDIATELY to delete MoviePass completely from your PC and cancel the MediaPipe account that has been opened for you with MoviePass for their MediaPipe software. This delete MoviePass tutorial is a multi-page tutorial, so be certain to follow the links below and follow all directions precisely. To read more details about MoviePass and their MediaPipe software, read our press release about MoviePass and their MediaPipe software here.

MoviePass is described by its maker as an "Internet-based multi channel entertainment browser." You may have intentionally or unintentionally installed the MoviePass / MediaPipe software on your computer by clicking an advertisement on a web page.

The MoviePass software grants you a free trial period during which you can use the MoviePass services. Once the MoviePass / MediaPipe software trial expires, you are required to cancel your MoviePass / MediaPipe account to avoid being billed for the MoviePass service. You will see continual pop-up warnings that increase in frequency informing you that your MoviePass / MediaPipe trial is expired.

If you see these popups, you already have a MoviePass / MediaPipe account, and you MUST cancel your MoviePass account if you wish to discontinue service. MoviePass / MediaPipe also transmits a list of all installed programs on your computer back to the MoviePass / Media Pipe organization. MoviePass claims that this helps them overcome any software "conflicts," but it has earned them a designation of Spyware from Schrock Innovations.

*note* UPDATED Delete MoviePass INSTRUCTIONS: The MoviePass website has updated their terms and conditions. In uppercase bold letters they now state that if you use the MoviePass trial service, the MoviePass and MediaPipe software will remain on your computer until you meet your "obligations" (i.e. pay them a subscription fee). Even the delete MoviePass link in your Add/Remove programs will not eliminate the MoviePass / MediaPipe software.

MoviePass used to offer a toll-free number to cancel and delete MoviePass, however they have since routed that number to voicemail. In case you need the MoviePass toll-free number, it is: (866) 431-7720. They have now created a delete MoviePass customer service cancellation web page where you can request that your MediaPipe software be canceled and delete MoviePass software. You can attempt to complete their delete MoviePass cancellation instructions, however reports indicate that when users visit the page, MoviePass demands money to delete MoviePass popups from your computer. To attempt their delete MoviePass process, click on The MoviePass Cancellation Page and follow the delete MoviePass.

When you click on the link, you will be directed to a page that attempts to detect the MoviePass and MediaPipe software on your computer. If it is detected, then you will be admitted into the delete MoviePass cancellation area. If you attempted to delete MoviePass in whole or in part already, you will be prompted to reinstall MoviePass and/or MediaPipe on your PC. DO NOT REINSTALL MoviePass!! If the link takes you to a delete MoviePass page, do not, under any circumstances, provide any additional information about yourself such as your phone number, name, address, social security number, credit card number or bank account number to MoviePass.

Canceling your MoviePass account before you delete MoviePass is a technically important step. Even if you do not think you set up a MoviePass / MediaPipe account, one was set up when the MoviePass software was installed on your computer. You need to cancel your MoviePass account if at all possible before you delete MoviePass. If you do not cancel your MoviePass account before you delete MoviePass / MediaPipe, you could be billed for an entire year of MoviePass service (the price varies, but could be as much as $359.88 USD).

Further, reports indicate that if you refuse to pay MoviePass, attempt to delete MoviePass software without paying MoviePass, dispute the MoviePass charges on your credit card, or cancel your MoviePass account in any way that is not in accordance with the MoviePass / MediaPipe cancellation policy, that MoviePass may threaten you with bad marks on your credit report.

If you have already paid money to delete MoviePass, it is IMPERATIVE that you follow their delete MoviePass directions and cancel your MoviePass / MediaPipe account immediately before you delete MoviePass from your computer. To cancel your account, please visit the MoviePass / MediaPipe cancellation webpage. If you do not wish to cancel your MoviePass account or you can not access the delete MoviePass cancellation website, you should proceed with the delete MoviePass tutorial by clicking on the links below to move on to the delete MoviePass process.

Once you have canceled your MoviePass and/or MediaPipe account, Click Here to manually delete MoviePass / Mediapipe software from your PC and stop those annoying MoviePass trial software popups! The delete MoviePass process is quite easy and only involves 3 steps.

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