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Cheery Employee Solves Problem

Hannah, an employee from our Omaha service center, solved a problem with a customer’s desktop icons in her usual cheery manner and the customer was so impressed he wrote us this letter:

About a year or so ago I purchased an X6 with solid state drive and have never experienced a problem until today. I turned my computer on and the icons were so small that I could hardly see them. long story short ,I tried several remedies myself to no avail. I called your Omaha office and a very cheery and helpful Hanna told me how to fix the problem and at no expense to me. Give her a hug for me ! And thank you for your Sunday morning radio program as I listen and learn as often as I’m able. Thanks for being in business.


Your feedback is much appreciated, Mr. Patten, and thanks, Hannah, for providing the level of service that customers come to expect out of Schrock Innovations!

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