Age-Reversing Pill in Human Trails

Most of our radio shows and TV segments are focused on computers and computer related news. But we couldn’t ignore a pill entering human trials that reverses aging! We were surprised to learn that this pill is the real deal and has been under development for years by Professor David Sinclair, founder of the Sinclair

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Hackers can Now Steal Your Data Through Your Hard Drive Activity Light

We have a customer in our Omaha Service Center who swears he is being followed. He believes a dark van is following him around and hacking into his mobile devices with an oversized, heavy MacBook Pro.

While we never make fun of our customers, it is highly unlikely he is the target of an epic Steve Jobs-centric hacking cult. With that said, the latest hacking method is sure to increase the sales of electrical tape as people cover their hard drive activity indicator lights.

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Schrock Voted Omaha’s Best B2B Computer
Solution Provider for Second Consecutive Year

For the second consecutive year Schrock Innovations has been voted Omaha’s best business to business computer solution provider in B2B Magazine’s latest survey. Schrock Innovations primarily serves consumers through its three Nebraska-based Service Centers, however a growing percentage of the company’s business is coming from other businesses. In 2012 Schrock experienced dramatic growth in its

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