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Better Late Than Never

Marylee visited the Omaha Service Center back in October where it was discovered she had a bad hard drive. Marylee was extremely pleased with Kevin and Kyle who gave wise advice and saved her the cost of repair or a new computer purchase by transferring her data to a different computer. She was so pleased, she wrote this letter:


I have been meaning to write you a “Thank You” note for almost 2 months now, but time sure gets away from me. I had my computer in for my maintenance check in October and Kevin called to tell me my hard drive was going bad and he’d do what he could and very helpfully answered all my questions about how long I might have, which, of course he said it was impossible to tell. I didn’t know what to do because I wasn’t ready to purchase a new computer as money is tight and had planned to purchase a new computer with my tax refund in the spring, so I decided to wait and see. (I was running on Vista.) Then, I talked to a young man at my church and he offered to bring me a refurbished tower. He put Windows 7 on it and brought it to church. I then took it and my old tower right out to the Omaha service center to get a data transfer and Kyle was there. He told me what adapters I needed to get, etc., and wrote it all out for me. The short of it is that he downloaded all my programs and transferred all my data. It turned out that, by the grace of God, my printer, sound system, screen, Wifi, and router all were adaptable and I was able to take back all the adapters. Both Kyle and Kevin were kind and knowledgeable and extremely helpful and saved me all but the cost of the data transfer. What a great staff you have. In the spring, when I’m ready, I will be purchasing your tablet and switch from my current NOOK HD tablet. Thank you so much. I am one happy camper.

God bless you all. Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

Thank you Marylee for you kind words. It may be two months later but the words are just as meaningful!

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