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Another Satisfied Schrock Innovations Customer

We’ve work hard to make sure Schrock Innovations’ staff is the very best in the business.

We received a letter from Ms. Rhodes that reinforced that belief. Ms. Rhodes need some assistance burning files to a CD. She called our office in Lincoln, was connect to Denton, and with in 45 minutes the problem was solved and Ms. Rhodes was on her way to backing up the genealogy files that she spent so much time building.

Great job Denton and a big thank-you to Ms. Rhodes for your business and sharing your experiences with Schrock Innovations!!

11 November 2010

Mr Thor Schrock
2801 Pine Lake Road, Suite A
Lincoln, NE 68516

Dear Mr. Schrock:

I am a great fan of your company. You probably won’t remember me but I had the pleasure of visiting with you a couple of months ago at your Pine Lake Road office about my computer.

Today, I am writing to you to praise one of your staff, Denton. After you last worked on my computer and replaced the hard drive, I was told that I should no longer have any problems copying information to a disk. I had completed a very large genealogy file, 62.2 MB, and could not copy to either a DVD or CD even though I tried different copying methods. I believed something was “wrong” with the disks, because I could copy to a flash drive

To make a long story short, I called your office and was connected to Denton who worked to help me. You will remember I am a senior and all that I have learned on the computer has been while I was still working. I have not had the hands on training that school children now get from the time they enter school. I believe I have intermediate knowledge of computers. However, I am digressing.

Denton was very patient with me and when I asked him to explain a new term to me or let me tell him what I thought that term means. He accessed my computer so I could show him the problems I was having. Also, it was determined that when I purchased the disks I was given erroneous information that I could not make changes to them but just recorded the data from the file.

He explained to me what the sales persons at the other store where purchased did not. Even though I had told them what I wanted and asked if these particular disks would allow me to do what I wanted which was to copy onto the disk and make changes if appropriate onto the disk. My husband asked me why I asked the store and not contacted Schrock to get the correct information before going to the store to make the purchase. I know I will from this time forward.

In my 45 minute plus conversation with Denton, I learned more than anyone has been willing to share with me. You have a gold min in your staff, which I hope you realize. You cannot realize how comforting it was for me to know that I could back up this voluminous file on a CD, DVD and flash drive in addition to the hard drive. There are hours and months of work in this genealogy file that I really wanted to protect. Denton showed me that I had to burn the information into the CD/DVD and not just copy it to the CD or DVD.

Why don’t you have a class for persons like me who have intermediate knowledge but do not want to take a class at a community college or senior senter to re-invent the wheel but to be able to put chrome spokes on the wheel we already have?

Again, thank you for your excellent staff and for us to have a knowledgeable place to go to get an answer to our questions. Again, thanks for having such a knowledgeable and willing staff.

Sincerely Yours,

Romona B. Rhodes

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