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Wouldn’t Hesitate to Buy a Schrock Computer

Because of his many years of experience, Dennis struggled between building his own computer and buying a Schrock Innovations modular computer. While he eventually opted to build his own, he sent us this glowing recommendation for the company:

Howdy hi guys,

Last summer I was torn between purchasing a Schrock modular computer or building my own. With lots of experience–since 1983–of upgrading or repairing modular-type computers, I felt comfortable building my own computer. But, it would, however, cost me more than a Schrock modular computer. I visited the Lincoln service center and talked with Jake. I had a list of proposed components for my self-built computer and we discussed it versus the similar Schrock model. Jake was very helpful by discussing my options for the self-built or for the Schrock modular computer. I decided to build my own and had no problems and came out with a great computer with the exact components I wanted. My biggest concern was that my self-built computer wouldn’t work and I’d have a difficult time determining if I made a mistake or if I had a defective component. I knew if I made a mistake and couldn’t figure it out, I could always take the computer to Schrock for help or repair.

As I was ready to leave, I ask Jake if I could purchase a specific cable I needed. He went into the back and came out with what was apparently a cable salvaged from a trade-in or scrap computer. He wouldn’t charge me for the cable.

I will probably always build my own computers now, but would not hesitate to purchase one from Schrock if needed.

Take care,


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