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Want to avoid Santa’s naughty list?

Malicious computer attacks are on the rise. Schrock Innovations would like you and your family to be safe this holiday season. Here are a few helpful suggestions to protect your computers and keep you off Santa’s naughty list.

1. Microsoft, Google, Intel, and similar large companies generally will NOT call you. If you get a call from someone telling you they are from one of these large companies, ignore them.
2. Your computers does NOT send out alerts. If someone said that it did, don’t believe them.
3. Be careful of the email that you open. If there is any doubt, delete the email WITHOUT opening it. Be very careful about false tracking number and missed delivery emails. They are scams.
4. Download and use a quality anti-virus. We recommend Symantec EndPoint.
5. Use Secure Updater to keep your vulnerable third party programs up to date.
6. Do NOT visit websites that use a lot of popups or has questionable content. The further away the content of a site is from G; the more threat your computers is under.

For more information contact any of our three service centers.

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