Schrock Innovations Launches New Omaha Location

Schrock Innovations in Omaha NebraskaOn Sunday, October 10, 2010 Schrock Innovations launched a completely redesigned Omaha Service Center near the high-traffic Village Pointe Mall.

More than 100 people turned out for the grand opening and nearly all of them brought computers in for a discounted Preventative Maintenance Checkup.

The Omaha staff did a great job making everyone feel welcome, processing in the computers and making sure everyone got a helping from the Lovely Kimberly’s amazing cookie buffet.

In fact, 11 days later – after the glow of the grand opening had completely passed, our bench is STILL full with an average of 11 computers coming through the service center every day.

What is New in the Omaha Service Center?

In 2008 Schrock built a state-of-the-art Service Center in Lincoln, NE. The new Omaha Service Center applies the lessons learned from that build out to create the most efficient, customer friendly design possible.

For example, Schrock’s Omaha Service Center features full-height walls to help reduce echo, a shortened walking distance between the front desk to the door, and a much larger tech bay.

The new configuration allows Schrock technicians to work on 40 computers simultaneously, as opposed to Lincoln’s 26.

Where is the Omaha Service Center?

Schrock Innovations Omaha Service Center is located at 16909 Burke Street, STE 129 in Omaha, NE 68118. You can reach the service center by phone at 934-9423.

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What is a Preventative Maintenance Checkup?

Everyone knows that computers need maintenance to continue working properly over time. The problem is that many people either don’t have the time or the technical knowledge to properly maintain their computers.

To address this situation, Schrock Innovations created a service we called the PC Maintenance Checkup.

During the Maintenance Checkup, Schrock Innovations does all of the basic maintenance tasks that every computer user should be doing like defragging and scanning their hard drives, downloading Windows Updates, and removing unnecessary files from the hard drive (Vista users be careful with disk cleanup).

But in addition to the standard maintenance tasks, we also do some additional work that most home users do not have the capacity or desire to do. For example, during the Maintenance Checkup Schrock Innovations:

  • Scans your computer’s memory (Vital for Vista & Windows 7 users)
  • Blows dust and debris out of cooling fans
  • Checks fan rotation speeds and cooling effectiveness
  • Inspect your motherboard’s capacitors
  • Test your power supply
  • Ensures your installed Antivirus is effective and updated
  • Test all drives
  • Checks hard drive for masked bad sectors
  • Cleans computer exterior if needed
  • Repairs errors in the Windows Registry
  • Performs an advanced hard drive cleaning
  • Installs critical system support software
  • Scans for and removes malware
  • Scans for viruses and Trojans

The Maintenance Checkup costs $69.99 and typically takes a day to two days to complete in our Lincoln or Omaha Service Centers.

When you bring in your tower we do not need any cords or accessories, unless you are having problems with them you would like us to address.

If you are bringing in a laptop, please bring your power cord with you.

Click here to find the Schrock Service Center closest to you!

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