Download the New Schrock Innovations Wallpaper for Your PC

Schrock Innovations Computer WallpaperThe wallpaper we have been using was themed to our old website and logo so we decided to task the Schrock graphics guys to come up with a new wallpaper that more closely modeled our new logo.

This is what they came up with. Go ahead and download the wallpaper and try it out on your desktop. Simply installing our wallpaper may not make your computer a Modular PC, but it sure is pretty to look at 🙂

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Schrock Innovations Opposes LB583

Local computer company owner Thor Schrock will testify on Thursday that LB583, the Electronics Recycling Systems Act, is a poorly written bill that will create confusion, will reduce the number of choices Nebraska consumers enjoy, and result in higher prices for consumer electronic goods.

Schrock owns Schrock Innovations, a local computer repair and software development company with offices in Lincoln and Omaha, NE. Schrock is concerned that his small business would be considered a manufacturer under the bill, even though the intent of the bill was not to do so.

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