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Subject: Dylan at Papillion

Excellent job Dylan for your award winning customer service.

Subject: Dylan at Papillion

So I just don’t know how to enter things on Facebook. But here is an important piece of information for you. Last Sunday someone wrote or called in on the show that he ran into a not very good technician at one of your stores. I was not paying strict attention to hear what store. That Dylan in Papillion is a great guy. He helped me all the way through the crashed hard drive and helped me get everything restored to my computer. He is uber patient too. Yes, Kevin started with the problem, but I gotta say Dylan kept helping all the way through the weekend. I just had to call him again because Harold somehow again touched something and moved himself to tablet mode. Dylan just patiently walked me to settings and it is fixed. So I hope he was not the person from last week. He is new and admits he does not know everything, but he is willing to learn.

I just told him that I think he should get the bonus for employee of the month.


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