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Schrock Protects the Enviornment

Computer E-waste contain hazardous waste like Mercury and Lead.  These toxic chemicals can pollute  groundwater and cause health problems for children.

Schrock is proud to recycle more computers annually than we produce.  Here are some of the things we are doing to help protect the environment we share.

Computer Recycling

Schrock accepts almost all computer e-waste free of charge.  If you have an computer or accessories drop it off at our Service Centers and we will sort it for recycling.

CRT Monitor Recycling

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors are the big heavy TV-like displays.  70% of the weight of these monsters is lead.  Schrock charges $15.00 to offset the costs associated with recycling CRTs.

Hard Drive Salvage

We save and inventory used hard drives for our data recovery center.  When one of our customers experiences a problem with their hard drive, this bone-yard can be the difference between a $2,000 recovery and a $200 part swap.  Reuse is the best form of recycling.

Low Power Consumption Alternatives

Our new state-of-the-art Service Center will use low-power alternatives like LCD displays, compact florescent light bulbs, high-efficiency HVAC systems, motion-detecting light switches, and feature new desktop replacement PCs that use less wattage than a notebook computer.

Remote Repair Services

Our Schrock Desk virtual help system allows us to repair common computer problems over the Internet.  That means less driving and less pollution.

Community Activism

Schrock Innovations is involved with the community’s recycling and enviornmental efforts.  Each year we network with and donate technology prizes to local recycling awareness efforts.