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Schrock Launches Black Friday Radio Marketing Blitz

Schrock Innovations LogoSchrock Innovations is releasing two new 30 second radio commercials scheduled to air in Lincoln, NE on multiple radio stations November 26-28 to promote the company’s two-day Black Friday sales event.

The radio spots will air once per hour on four different radio stations over the three day period.  The saturation marketing campaign is designed to attract potential new customers on the busiest shopping day of the year.

Previous years Schrock Innovations has been closed on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), however particularly weak sales from Wal-Mart and Best Buy convinced Schrock that the company would be able to compete this year and offer real value and convenience to its customers.

Free $25.00 Schrock Gift Cards – Website Giveaway

The first spot entitled “Freebie” is designed to promote Schrock’s new hard plastic gift cards.  Starting on Thanksgiving day (while the Service Centers are closed) visitors will be able to go to the Schrock Innovations website and claim a free $25.00 gift card that can be used any time after Christmas.  The cards can be used by the visitor or given as a gift.

Listen to the “Freebie” commercial here.

Better Black Friday Deals than Wal-Mart or Best Buy

In addition to the automated gift card promotion, Schrock has a number of laptop and desktop computers starting at $379 as well as service bundles offering expensive upgrades for as little as $30.

With the company’s Holiday Computer Sale taking care of the high-end of the market, the two day Black Friday event is able to go after the lower end of the market.

The second commercial is titled “Big Deals” and sounds a little more list-like.  It it is designed to peak the interest of the listener and get them to go to the Schrock Innovations website to learn more about the sale.

Listen to the “Big Deals” commercial here.

Unlike many other retailers, Schrock Innovations has nearly unlimited quantities on all but one of their sale items and is staying open later rather than opening very early in the morning.

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