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Schrock Innovations on Antivirus in the coming year.

The Christmas season is over. The wrapping paper and boxes fill the trash cans. Lights and decorations are coming down. And boys and girls, of all ages, are busy with new tech presents. As we enter the New Year, there are a few things that will help you keep your new devices running great and secure for a long time.
With all the multiple devices, tablets, deck tops, notebooks, and phones, your Wi-Fi is seeing a lot of action. Make sure your new tech is protected with up-to-date Antivirus software.
Not all Antivirus software is created equal. There are three levels of software:
First: The Free Antivirus
The free antivirus is better than nothing but not by much. The free programs usually target older and well known virus that are easy to fix. Regardless of what they say, Free Antivirus software is not protecting your tech.
Second: Consumer level
Consumer level is your base level Antivirus. It will generally cost around 50 or so dollars. This Antivirus software covers a little more up-to-date virus that plague the internet. Sadly most of these software lack and Chat/IM or Email protection. In addition most updates, if any, are spread throughout the year and only when a major event has already occurred.
Third: Corporate Level
The corporate level is design to combat constant attacks and invasions. The corporate level is often used by large corporations, universities, and government agencies. While the cost is more than the free or the consumer software, corporate antivirus protection anticipates and protects in real time, meaning your new technology is continually protected. Schrock Innovations recommends Endpoint. To get Endpoint or for more information on Endpoint or Antivirus software contact any of the Schrock location.

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