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Schrock helps to raise almost $13,000!

The Voter Information Project recently held a silent auction, which included an item that was donated by Schrock Innovations.

Thanks in part to our contributions, the Voter Information Project can finalize Phase 1 of their goal, the acquisition and set-up of their technology, and move on to Phase 2.

Dear Thor,

THANK YOU so much for contributing the $50 gift card to the Silent Auction for Voter Information Project ( )!

Bidding was rather entertaining!  Some items went simply for opening bid.  One increased by 125%.  An item that had received not one bid all evening was about to be packed up. The donor had said she would buy it back at full price as a donation.  One of the gentleman helping with clean-up said his son-in-law would like it – the value went up by 150%!

So, 19 items sold for a total of $760!  With the proceeds from the dinner, the sale of VIP yard signs, and donations, the evening supported VIP with $2,600!

Since then many other gifts have arrived so that in a matter of less than a month, $12,942 was raised.  That finalizes Phase 1, paying for, in part, the set-up of technology to connect with the list of registered voters.  Now on to Phase 2, which, in part, sets up the technology so candidates can answer online.

Again, I am SO grateful for your kind heart to give.  I trust it will be a benefit to your business when our people show up to use your gift.

Thank you for your part in helping it happen!


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