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Positive Review and a Recommendation

Charlene bought a 2012 Holiday Special computer this last holiday season and had some positive feedback about her experience. She even went out of her way to make a good recommendation. Charlene writes:

I have been really happy with the service we have received from Schrock. We have purchased 2 desktops and a laptop from you. My only complaint? It is one you mentioned on the air yesterday. I bought the Christmas special 2012. It came with 2 cords for the monitor. The directions with the monitor showed both cords hooked up, which i did. However nothing worked correctly. After taking the machine back 3 times I finally watched Chris hook in up at your service center. That’s when we figured out what I was doing wrong. I think you should have some sort of checklist to have the techie guys go over with customers to prevent this. I was really frustrated. You seemed to know that this problem existed quite a bit from listening to you on the radio yesterday. I have Windows 7 and got nothing with my machine to hook it up and Chris couldn’t figure it out either. Only by watching him hook it up at the shop did I figure out what was wrong. Thanks for the chance to sound off!!

Suggestions like yours are the reason we like to hear feedback. Thank you for having to courage to speak up!

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