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One in ten people will be a victim of cyber crime.

A study of cybercrime coming out of England is frightening. You are 20 times more likely to be robbed at your home through your computer than outside in the real world. Cyber criminals are getting better and better at taking advantage of out of date third party programs.
Schrock Innovations recommends three simple steps to prevent you from being a victim of cybercrime.

Step 1. Change your passwords. I know it is obnoxious and hard to remember the new password but regular changing your passwords has proven to help protect your computer. In addition, change your password to something that is not an easy to remember or a simple password. Use a random number, letter, and symbol based password of at least 10 characters. And remember, DON’T STORE YOUR PASSWORD ON YOUR COMPUTER!

Step 2. Use a quality anti-virus program. Most free to use anti-virus lack in protecting your computer from malicious attacks. Schrock Innovations recommends Norton Endpoint.

Step 3. Changing your password and having a good anti-virus program doesn’t stop out dated software vulnerability. We at Schrock Innovations recommend Secure Updater. Secure Updater silently and efficiently keeps your computer secure by updating your third party software. For more information check out

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