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New Schrock Commercial “Hired” Targets Geek Squad

Schrock Innovations will release the first of a 12 commercial series designed to compare the advantages of selecting Schrock instead of the Geek Squad for your next computer repair.

Watch the new commercial:

Click here to download the commercial and upload it to your online video channel!

The commercial is set to debut on November 4th during election results in the CBS News Election Night Coverage on local Channel 10/11.  It will air six times between 7 and 11 PM CST. The commercial will then run on various channels more than 60 times in the month of December.

“Our intent is to point out that the Geek Squad really can’t do much of anything when it comes to computer repair,” Thor Schrock, owner of Schrock Innovations said.  “Unless you have a really simple problem, the Geek Squad simply sends your computer away to someone else to fix.”

Schrock Innovations has committed to 60 commercial spots every month throughout 2009 where they will expand on the Geek Squad comical theme.

“I think the commercials will be funny to people who have not experienced the Geek Squad’s service,” Schrock said.  “Those who have experienced it will probably just nod in agreement.”

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