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Michelle Schlegel Writes About Schrock’s Award Winning Service

We had a customer who used her computer daily for business.  She did not have time to wait for her laptop to get fixed.  Jon, one of our computer technicians, helped her out tremendously.  Here’s her letter:

I work with a great deal of college students in my field. We either hire them as interns or as part-time staff personnel. Never in my 20+ years of working with people in this particular age demographic have I come across a person with such a praiseworthy work ethic, chiefly while still in school.

Jon is remarkable. Not only is he extremely intelligent, but he really went the extra mile with regard to making certain that I was happy with his service.  And frankly, I have never recieved customer service of this caliber.

Jon is a creative thinker who knows your industry (and the complexity of computer systems) inside and out.  He is a person of character, integrity and crisp wit and certainly not what I would expect when working with a technician.  Surely not to stereotype, but I have worked with many computer personnel who simply have a hard time with interpersonal communications.

You ought to be very proud of the employee that you have in Jon.  I will always have wonderful things to say on his behalf and on behalf of your company.

It’s funny; I have become quite accustomed to drafting complaint letters.  Rarely to I have the oppotunity to write correspondence of thanks!  Kudos to you and your staff.

-Michelle Schlegel

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