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Mark Gardener Praises Schrock Innovations Field Technician

Mark Gardener call Schrock Innovations to come to his home to fix his computer.  After the initial visit, some other issues came up that required a follow-up visit.

When Schrock Innovations says you have a warranty, you have a warranty.  That is what Mark Gardener found when Eric came to his home for a follow up visit.  Mark wanted to pay Eric for his time, but Eric refused.

Here is the letter Mark sent praising Eric’s outstanding customer service:


You have successfully repaired a computer that has given us trouble.  Here is my report on the fine job Eric did for us.

On his first visit he had a few minutes left without running up any more charges, so he responded to my wife’s complaint that I had been unable to get a converter box to convert digital broadcasts to our analog TV in the living room.

I told her it was impossible because our old TV didn’t have the connections in the back for the cables that came with the converter box.  Eric pointed out that the cables could be used a different way, and before he left the TV was showing both analog and digital signals and has been working just fine ever since.

Eric also helped us resolve our troubled Windstream internet connection ( I would recommend switching to Time Warner) and he also hooked up a new Epson All-in-One after verifying that the old Dell all-in-one was dead.

After he got the printer working, he started to leave without charging us for the visit.  He said there is only one charge, no matter how involved the job is or how many visits it takes.

I reminded him that the only reason for the return visit was the Epson all-in-one and I WAS going to write a check to Schrock Innovations.  He refused and explained he can’t take the check because there is no invoice to go with it.

You deserve to know what an outstanding job Eric did for us.

Best Wishes,

Mark F. Gardener
Lincoln, NE

Thanks for the note Mark.  Eric is one of our best technicians and he really appreciated your gesture.  Tell your wife good luck with the yearbook!

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