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Linda Backer Talks About Her Experience With Schrock Innovations

Linda Backer had us work on her computer aafter her hard drive died.  Linda and her family had faced some serious challenges, and the last thing they needed rto worry about was the data on their hard drive.

Schrock Innovations helped Linda get her data back and did what he could to restore her digital life as it was before the failure.

Here is what Linda wrote in a thank you note:


I used Schrock Innovations first after a radio special.  After checking out your compnay I found that Schrock is the most respected computer repair company in Lincoln.

When my computer crashed after upgrade I found out why Schrock is honest, kind, reliable and ethical.

Thank you for recovering the data from my old machine.  It wasn’t that important, but you saved me hours and hours of rebuilding spreadsheets.

My 16-year old daughter had 2 brain surgeries this spring.  As we struggle to pay off deductibles and co-pays, your kindness is such a blessing.

Thank you very much.


Linda Backer

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