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Lincoln Employee Shows Infinite Patience

Shirley, one of our Lincoln Service Center customers, recently worked with a representative who showed so much patience and was so pleasant she felt like she needed to write in. Here’s what she had to say:

Dear Thor,

On October 24 about 11:15AM I called the Lincoln Service Center for assistance with Secure Updater. I was not able to use the Schrock Desk. My computer and printer were purchased at Schrock in Lincoln in October 2012. The technician tried to talk me through various other options without success. Since I had to be elsewhere, we ended after about 45 minutes and I said that I would try again when I had more time. My cell phone also was not working properly and was hard to hear the technician and did not get his name. He might remember the lengthy call from Crete. Please do thank him for being most gracious and his voice never sounded as if he were losing patience. After talking with such an individual, you don’t mind calling back.

It’s important to us to provide a level of service we can be proud of. Thanks, Shirley, for your kind words.

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