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Kevin Gemmel Compares Schrock to the Geek Squad

We received an email from Kevin Gemmel yesterday.  Kevin contrasted his experience with the Geek Squad against his experience at Schrock Innovations.  Here is what Kevin had to say:

A couple of months ago my daughter and son-in-law said their computer had a virus. I told them at the time they should take it to Schrock Innovations.

A week or two later my daughter informed me they took their computer to the Geek Squad and were told to take it back home, call Dell, and reload the operating disks.  They told them they could expect to be on the phone with them for 2-3 hours.

I’m no computer expert but my first thought was that if they followed that advice, they would wipe the computer clean.   She asked if i would come over and help them. A few days later i went over and turned the computer on.

To my surprise it booted up fine except that a screen came up and said “Microsoft Antivirus Program has found 6 virus infections” and they wanted you to click on something and proceed. This quickly got my attention as i wasn’t aware that Microsoft had an antivirus program aside form OneCare.

I immediately turned the computer off and disconnected the cords. I then asked her what the Geek Squad did when they took their computer in. She informed me they didn’t do anything other than to tell them they would have to call Dell and reload the operating disks.

I then called Schrock and informed them i would be bringing their computer in as it had spyware. In visiting with the person on the phone about their problem, Eric informed me that they had seen computers with this spyware before.

In fact, Schrock fixed the problem and had it back to her in the same day.

Like i said, I’m not a computer expert but compared to the Geek Squad maybe I really am!!!!! I cannot believe they told them what they did without even looking at it!!

I have told this story to quite a few friends and they all get a chuckle out of it.  Thanks Schrock!

Thank you Kevin for the referral and your continued support!

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