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“I trust their service and their people”

As a service company, we do everything we can to advise our customers on the best ways to keep their computers safe from malware. For complete, comprehensive protection, our recommendations always include Norton 360 purchased from us as well as our Secure Updater software. The reason is found in Roger’s message to us:

Schrock has cleaned and installed anti-virus software on my home computer for a couple of years now, and it has sped the computer up, and I haven’t had any problems with viruses or pop-ups since. Worth the money and time, I’d say. I trust their service and their people.

If you don’t have Norton 360 or Secure Updater installed on your computer, you may be at risk for infection. Even if you don’t have time to bring your computer into one of our service centers, both products can be purchased and activated over the phone. Thanks, Roger, for your comments!

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