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Help When the Box Store Says “No”

We talk a lot about what separates us from the big box stores. One of our biggest points of emphasis is a level of accountability that box stores just can’t match. When you buy a modular desktop computer or a laptop from us, you deal with Schrock Innovations at every level of service. The same guys sell you the unit, invoice the purchase, build and program the computer, answer questions once you have it, and provide all the service for it if it has a problem. Deb’s testimony illustrates this nicely:

About 14 months ago my husband purchased a laptop from a reputable chain in the Lincoln area. After using it about 2 months he started have issues that really concerned him. After a return visit to this well known box store & while still under a full warranty, they offered no help. It was our responsibility to contact the company and deal w/ them directly. This would have led to sending the computer away for who knows how long. My husband is self-employed and he just could not afford that during a time when he was working 80 hrs a week. I had been a Sunday morning listener to Compute This and remembered “the 1st hour of labor free to new customers” and suggested a visit to Schrock Innovations. They found a hard drive issue. They had him set up w/ a new laptop by that same afternoon of our visit. We still had to deal w/ the warranty issue on the 1st laptop but at least my husband could continue working without any loss time. The 1st hour of labor is what got us to Schrock but the customer service is what has kept us as customers.

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