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Hard Drive Data Recovery – Failure Symptoms and Resolutions & How to Get Your Data Back Now

Hard Drive Data Recovery – Failure Symptoms and Resolutions

Everyone experiences data loss at some point. Computer Hard drives fail, external drives quit working, and flash memory devices can just stop functioning at any time.

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Most hard drive failures are not the result of any user activity.  Typically hard drives crash or fail due to age or manufacturer defect.  Its important to remember that any hard drive that has moving components is subject to the same mechanical stresses and failures as any motor and servo system would be.

What is Logical Failure?

Logical failure is when the computer’s BIOS can see your hard drive, but for some reason can not access the data on it.  It may not be able to mount the partition or Windows may simply report that no drive is present at all.

IN a logical failure the hard drives electronic components and mechanical components are all working properly.  Logical failures occur as a result of defective media (bad platter) or data corruption from another source (destroyed file table, etc…)

In the most extreme cases logical failure can include a hard drive that spins up fine, but is not even recognized by the computer’s BIOS as being present.

Almost all logical failures can be recovered without the need to open the hard drive.  While there are a number of logical data recover software programs on the market, its important to know why your drive has experienced a logical failure before you attempt to recover your data.  If you misdiagnose a logical failure, you can cause irreparable damage to the drive in your recovery attempt.

What is a Physical Failure?

A physical failure is any time a drive can not be accessed because of electronic malfunction or internal hardware failure.

These failures can result in the drive not being recognized by the computer’s BIOS or operating system, as well as repetitious clicking or grinding noises.  If you hear any unusual sounds coming form your drive, power off your PC and don’t attempt to use it again until you can have your hard drive sent to a recovery center.

The noises you are hearing could indicate a head crash.  A head crash happens with the arms that read the data on the surface of your hard drive’s platters smash into the rotating platter instead of gliding across it on a cushion of air like they are supposed to.  This results in physical damage to that platters and can cause a complete and permanent data loss.

The only way to recover from a physical failure is to either replace the damaged hard drive component or move the data platters to a donor drive where they can be recovered to a stable destination drive.  This process requires special handling and the use of a clean room.

If you are suffering from a logical or physical drive failure, contact Schrock Innovations Data Recovery Center to get a free data recovery estimate at 402-934-9423.