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Free Installation With Purchase of Solid State Drive

Free Solid State Installation SaleThis January we are celebrating our 20th anniversary by putting our most popular upgrade ever on special!  We are offering free cloning and installation when you purchase a solid state hard drive upgrade for your computer!

Most computers still have mechanical hard drives.  These are drives that spin and are susceptible to failure from bumping, dropping, and regular wear and tear.

Solid state hard drives are up to 16x faster than your old mechanical drive, have no moving parts, use less energy and tend to last a lot longer than the older spinning drives do.

Swapping out your old mechanical hard drive for a solid state drive can literally make your slow computer faster than it was the day you bought it.  We have customers who have cut boot times by 6 minutes and improved response time to nearly instantaneous on a 10-year old system.

This upgrade works with Mac or PC.  For just the cost of the hardware our technicians will:

  • Determine how large of a solid state you need to hold all of your files
  • Clone all of your programs, files, pictures and music from your mechanical drive to your new solid state drive
  • Install your new solid state drive in your computer

For as little as $150 your slow computer can be revitalized when our award-winning technicians install a solid state hard drive during this amazing sale.  That is a LOT less expensive than buying a new computer!

Compare SSD to HDDWhat Do I Need to Do To Take Advantage of This Offer?

Just drop your laptop, desktop, or Mac off at any of our Service Centers.  We have plenty of bench spots to ensure a fast turn-around on your upgrade.

What if I Don’t Live Near Your Shop?

You can ship your computer to us for this offer.  you pay the cost to ship to us and we will pay the cost to return your PC back to you.

If you plan on shipping your computer to us, please send it to the Papillion Service Center:

Schrock Innovations Papillion
249 Olson Drive
STE 101
Papillion, NE 68046

Please include a note with your name, address, email address and phone number.

What’s the Catch?

We know this is an amazing deal that seems too good to be true, but its the real deal!  There are a few restrictions that you might need to know:

  1. Purchase of a solid state drive from Schrock is required to receive the free clone and installation
  2. If you want us to install your solid state drive we can, but there is a labor charge and we can’t warranty your drive
  3. If you ship your computer to us pack it very well.  We are not responsible for shipping damage due to inadequate packaging
  4. The size of drive you need will depend on how much data you save on your computer.  Drives start at $150 and go up from there depending on capacity.  Call for pricing on larger drives if you are curious.
  5. If you upgrade to a solid state drive it is very possible you will not need to buy a new computer for a few more years.  Be sure you like the way your computer looks before you end up stuck with it all over again 😉
  6. Quantities are limited.  This offer is valid until the end of January or until our supply of drives is exhausted.
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