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It’s nice when we hear back from customers like Bob who have worked with Schrock Innovations at almost every level of service we offer. Bob listens to the radio program, has bought a computer from us, has received help from the Schrock Desk, and has witnessed our computer repair. Bob says:

I first became acquainted with Schrock Innovations from listening to their Saturday a.m. radio show on KFOR. When it became time to replace my old computer, I went to their Lincoln store and ordered one of their modular PC’s. From time to time I’ve had a few issues, never anything serious, but have always had excellent service via Schrock Desk. Only one time did I have to bring in the computer, but the time spent in the shop was minimal. When they got backed up during the building of my PC, as a “thank you for waiting a few extra days” they extended my warranty for free for another year! It is so good to know they are just across town and I can get service either via the Schrock Desk and my telephone or just drop off my PC and get it back very soon.
Fine, professional,knowledgeable service; thanks, Thor and Company!

Bob R.

We strive to be a one-stop sort of business. If you own a computer, chances are Schrock Innovations provides a service you would benefit from.

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