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Customer Since 2003 Speaks Up

Robert has been a longtime customer in our Lincoln service center and recently he spoke up about his service. He writes:

I want to review Schrock Innovations at 27th and Pine Lake Road in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I have been a Schrock customer since October 21, 2003 when I purchased a modular computer from Schrock. Over the years I have Schrock maintain the computer from maintenance checkups and repairs. I have been very happy with their service. The computer when purchased new had XP installed on it. I took the computer to the shop and John at Schrock updated the computer to a Windows 7 computer and I have been very happy with the computer. I feel Schrock Innovations is a great company and it has been very easy to work with. I have taken the computer in for service and have been very happy with them being able to repair it right. I have called the shop and received free help about my computer and they were willing to answer my questions.

I enjoy listening to Compute This on KFOR Radio on Saturday mornings and also listen to Compute This on KFAB on Sunday mornings and I feel listening to these programs has made me have better knowledge on using the computer. I have called in several times and received good information from Thor.
Thank You for the great service.

Robert H

Thank you, Robert, for taking the time to give us your feedback! We’re honored to have been able to provide you with that high level of service for so long.

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