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Due to a Microsoft Bug, the Creators Update is Suspended

We were advised today by Microsoft that a major bug exists in the 2018 Spring Creators Upgrade.  Microsoft has pulled the update and we are doing the same.


If you installed the update through Safe Upgrade there will be a second update coming in the next 14 days.  When that is released you will receive an email to execute your Safe Upgrade program again.


If your computer automatically installed the update directly from Microsoft, you will also automatically get the newest version when it is released.


Obviously our Service Centers are very busy helping our customers through this.  Most users did not experience any issues and Microsoft has not provided any details about the “blocking bug.”


We will email you again when it is time to install the newest update.  Issues like this are EXACTLY why you have Safe Upgrade.  Thanks for being a Schrock customer and please standby for further instructions.




Thor Schrock
Schrock Innovations Computer Company

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