Tim Cruickshank Thanks Schrock Innovations for Great Service

We received a thank you email from Tim Cruickshank in Lincoln, NE after one of our newest technicians came to his home to sort out some computer problems.

We love getting notes like this. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your experience Tim!

My name is Tim Cruickshank and I want to pass along a HUGE thanks to you and especially to Grant who came out and quickly got me up and running again after much frustration. Grant was very professional and a pleasure to work with. I will look to you for my computer needs from now on thanks to this young man and your quick response to my computer issues.

Please tell Grant THANKS!!

Tim Cruickshan

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Schrock’s Data Recovery Services Save the Day for Jon Ryan

Today we received a note from Jon Ryan about some data recovery work we did for him a few weeks back.

As we read the letter, we thought he might have a problem with the work we did. As we continued reading we were relieved to see Jon’s sense of humor at work 🙂

Hi, Thor

Hey, last month my wife dropped off our home tower-drive. It had died and she was devastated by the loss.

I did whatever I thought I could and ultimately decided that this was best sent to someone who had “real skills” and asked her to drop it off at your Lincoln outlet. Phyllis was slightly leery of the decision-and mortified that the end result was a $500 + fee attached to a vague technical reference to “some data was recovered” (translation-this has been a challenging year and the holidays were crazy –a lion’s share of the money we were going to spend on our kids went to the recovery effort-so one might imagine her concerns as being escalated beyond the norm.)

Couple that with a husband trying desperately to meet our financial needs with a willingness to do about anything/trade anytime for cash (translation=I am NEVER home) and I just NOW (weeks later) got around to researching what data may or may not be included in the trade.

It’s not fair to think we should /could expect anything. But so much was riding on this –both from a pragmatic and the personal sense.

And I just wanted you to know that, after a little bit of looking and a little bit of prayer and a little bit of re-installation and a little bit of give and take

We are NOT satisfied with your firms assistance…

…because we are overjoyed!

I have already used a dozen of the recovered files for personal and professional reasons. My oldest daughter was able to bring closure to a Gold Award in Girl Scouts (which would have been too overwhelming to start anew—it is a year and a half project to date) And Phyllis is NOW backing up several cd’s (literally several gig) of PRICELESS pictures and documents of the kids and our family that we would of /could have lost forever.

Wow, I cannot put into words how delighted I am to have entrusted our needs to Schrock Innovations and to the NOMINAL costs attached to the success/recovery we can now expand on / enjoy. I don’t know if you get a lot of customer satisfactions ratings that are A++(ir 101% satisfied) but please add our names to your list of referrals.

May you continue to bring light to the darkest corners of those lives who KNOW better than to let things go unsupervised and backed up)

Jon and Phyllis Ryan
Pioneer Publishing, Inc

-you are the BEST decision I made so far this year… I think of you often and take delight in knowing such an inspiring man Jonathon Ryan

Thanks for the vote of confidence Jon! Your kind words mean a lot to us!

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Robert Bosoco Gives Schrock 2 Thumbs Up!

Gift From Bob BosocoToday we received a gift from one of our long-time customers, Bob Bosoco.

This time of year we usually pack on a few pounds with all of the goodies our customers drop by.

But this is the first gift we are going to have to frame!

Here is what Bob wrote in his note:

December 13. 2009

Thor Schrock
Schrock Innovations
2801 Pine Lake Road #A
Lincoln, Ne 68516

Dear Thor:

Before the year escapes me completely I want to be sure I let you know I am pleased with the Schrock Desk Service from Schrock Innovations.

With “Schrock Desk” John and especially Eric, I have been able to keep my problems to a minimum and always have them solved promptly. Eric has been a life line to keeping me running and his quality attitude toward customer service is noteworthy.

I hope the art print “Computer Bugs” by Randall Spangler will be enjoyed by the entire staff and will give them reason to smile. Regrettably I was not able to deliver the print to your hands as I had originally intended. A family health issue became an intervening priority.

I hope 2010 is a prosperous year for you, your family and employees.

Merry Christmas


Same back to you Bob!

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Kevin Gemmel Compares Schrock to the Geek Squad

I immediately turned the computer off and disconnected the cords. I then asked her what the Geek Squad did when they took their computer in. She informed me they didn’t do anything other than to tell them they would have to call Dell and reload the operating disks.

I then called Schrock and informed them i would be bringing their computer in as it had spyware. In visiting with the person on the phone about their problem, Eric informed me that they had seen computers with this spyware before.

In fact, Schrock fixed the problem and had it back to her in the same day.

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